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Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Know How Presidents Work

Remember when the Russians would prop up their dead leaders to convince the public that they were still alive? That’s what the DNC is doing with Nancy Pelosi. The woman is brain-dead. Can’t someone just pretend to trip over the air hose and spare her this humiliation?

But on the other hand…

DC: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi demonstrated her incompetence Wednesday with a tweet naming the presidents completely out of order.

Pelosi was apparently trying to make a point about Republicans and “Trickle-Down Economics,” but managed to majorly mess up the tweet when she claimed there was a “Bush 44.”

The tweet was later deleted.

“Reagan. Bush 43. Bush 44,” she wrote. “They all tried ‘Trickle-Down Economics.’ And not once did it help working families. #NotOnePenny.”    MORE


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  1. My 90 year old mom had to have an evaluation when she went for her drivers license renewal. Why can’t Congress require some type of standard competency requirement to continue ‘serving’ the country?

  2. C’mon, Claudia.
    This is a “Representative” Republic.
    She, regardless of her mental disabilities, is considered, by her constituents, to be “representative” of them.
    Look at Congress.
    Both Houses.
    Liars, Thieves, Embezzlers, Rapists, Pedophiles, Perverts, Drunks (not that there’s anything wrong with that), Dope Addicts, and a few people who are simple enough to care about their Districts and America.

    We get what we deserve.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. As much as conventional wisdom would say that Nazi Pelosivic should retire, I would hope otherwise.

    For her tireless efforts in service to treason and infanticide, she should work until the day she dies. Preferably around 72 hours after the Silver Alert is issued and the search party finds her remains.

  4. Pelosi was bat shit crazy before the senility became obvious so why should we expect anything different now? When she finally retires do you think the San Francisco area is going to send a congress critter that can work to further our Presidents agenda? Didn’t think so. It might be best to keep her around for comedic value alone.

  5. We have to autopsy the brain to see what’s in it.

    Most of these power hungry congresscritters leave office heels first on a gurney. They’re addicted to power.

  6. Everyone knows Pelosi was an imbecile long before she went senile but I think even worse that the dufus not know the correct number for the Bush Presidencies, is the fact that the second part of her statement, “And not once did it help working families”, is a bald faced lie.

    I was a member of a “working family” though all those years and also the years of evil Marxist Presidents including peanut boy, the rapist, and the terrorist-lover, and we were always a lot better off and had a lot more spending money under the Republicans (even the RINO Bush’s) than under the Marixts.

  7. On a more serious note,
    When did trickle-down economics not work?

    The opposite, trickle-up economics must be what really works. The poor giving money to the rich. Doesn’t seem like much of a platform to run on, but hey, it’s the DNC.

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