Nancy Pelosi: ‘Every Crisis’ Including Coronavirus Is an Opportunity to Advance Leftist Agenda

Breitbart: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said during a press conference on Wednesday that “every crisis” is an opportunity to advance a leftist agenda.

“We have to open the economy, we have to do so in a way that gives more opportunity for access to care, to credit, to opportunity,” Pelosi said during a press conference regarding her coronavirus phase four bill, the HEROES Act.

“Just as Mr. Clyburn said, this is an opportunity, every crisis is,” Pelosi added.

The House leader referenced U.S. House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC), who said before the passage of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill in March that the bill was a “tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

Pelosi rebuked media reports that the HEROES Act was partisan.

“Nobody said that when Mitch McConnell put forth his bill, CARES one,” she said.

House Democrats passed the $3 trillion, 1,815-page leftist Heroes Act in May, which many House Democrats reportedly admitted serves as more of a “policy wishlist” than a bill to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. read more

8 Comments on Nancy Pelosi: ‘Every Crisis’ Including Coronavirus Is an Opportunity to Advance Leftist Agenda

  1. Umm, Ms. Lugosi (apologies to Bela and family), the reason nobody called the McConnell bill partisan is that almost everyone in congress was for it, including you. Your bill was crafted behind closed doors, and many from your own party voted against it.

  2. Hey Nancy, you’re trying to force your leftist programs on a country that doesn’t want it. If that’s how you choose to live then listen up, China is calling.
    You are going to bring about mass revolts and I promise it will end very badly for you.
    You are a very sick woman who is projecting her inner anger and lust for control. You seem to take pleasure in goading and prodding people, insulting and demeaning their values while stirring up the dim witted scum you represent. How you think that your approach will ever bring about any positive result is mystifying.
    Fair warning Nancy, your day is coming.

  3. The leftists take advantage of a bad situation in the same way they take advantage of the poor, ignorant and downtrodden.

  4. How about “A reasonable response to every crisis being used to advance leftist agendas is to start removing leftists from among us.”
    “Whatever it takes, by hook or by crook” should also be our motto.

  5. In 1984 Speak, when the scum is saying “We have to open the economy,” it really means “We will do the damage and then turn the US into the image of Venezuela”.


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