Nancy Pelosi is a halfwit

Patriot Retort: So, see if you can follow this logic.

President Trump calls out NATO countries – especially Germany – for paying Russia billions for natural gas and oil.

Thanks to Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse for this relevant exchange:

Stoltenberg: […] I think that two World Wars and the Cold War taught us that we are stronger together than apart.

Trump: But how can you be together when a country is getting its energy from the person you want protection against or from the group that you want protection?

Stoltenberg: Because we understand that when we stand together, also in dealing with Russia, we are stronger. I think what we have seen is that —

Trump: No, you’re just making Russia richer. You’re not dealing with Russia. You’re making Russia richer.

Of course, the breakfast meeting also included Trump’s takedown of Germany for their energy agreement with Russia. But I won’t repost the video since it’s in the previous post.

But, here’s the nub of what he said:

13 Comments on Nancy Pelosi is a halfwit

  1. The Euro’s, have not needed to use Common Sense since we started Empowering them with 4 weeks of Vacation annually at our Expense. We’ve made them Wealthier than Ourselves in some cases, what do you guess the Porsche Family is Worth. I’ts more than I can count, or I’d tell you.

  2. Being a half wit would actually be an intelligence step up for Nancy. She represents constituents who either aren’t really listening to her, or who have had their own intelligence sapped away by this woman. Normally the entertainment value of a Pelosi (or Waters or Wilson or insert your own Democrat here) is somewhat worth having her on the national stage, but she is rotting the minds of ordinary Americans.

  3. President Trump is doing what we hired him for: Ramrodding this Ranch we call America.
    He is throwing a wide loop, and branding his calves, and pushing the herd to market.
    The only way it could be any better is for him to have a shootout with those European swamp creatures and plug a few.

  4. Halfwit seems a bit too generous for this functionally retarded loon.
    Within the crowd she runs with it’s hard to notice at times.

  5. Her addled brain is even making her fellow dems worried finally. They live in their own confusing world and she’s showing the effects.
    Spending all of their time trying to viciously destroying the opposition has it’s consequences.

  6. Come on guys, every time Nancy opines on a subject 1000 liberals convert to conservatism. She and Maxine are two of the best salespeople a conservative could ask for. They are both so far out of sync with reality it is absolutely shameful. They both need to keep on talking. Their opinions expose the democrats for what they are and that can’t be bad for America.

  7. Halfwit is too generous. Hey, I love Germany and my time there, but how on earth do they qualify as one of our staunchest allies? In the last 70 years they were occupied as insurance against further war-making for 20 years, occupied against increased Soviet influence for another 20 years, and re-unified all under the supervision, protection, and expense of the United States. Now they are financially secure enough to be big dogs again and trying to say they are allies? They are your fun but belligerently assholish friend that gets their ass kicked in a bar fight who you let stay over until they are well enough to get their own place, but win the lottery on a ticket bought with your money and now try to tell you how to live. Phuck that.

  8. If you think she’s a half-wit you should see the people who continue to vote her into office. They think stepping in human feces and used heroin needles on a daily basis is a-okay. Soaring crime rates and urine soaked bums roaming downtown is fine with them. Frisko is a turd-world shithole thanks to these less than half wits.

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