Nancy Pelosi should probably stop doing talk shows

Colbert: “Okay, you’ve heard her America. Pleasure is good right now. The speaker says don’t forget to pleasure yourself. Okay, thank you so much, Madame Speaker.


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  1. I have a brand new 2X4 that Pelosi can use to pleasure herself (if it is not too small that is)!

  2. “Somebody told me it was good for your teeth. I believed that. I don’t know.”

    You can’t make this up. Comedy Gold

  3. I thought I saw a video of Nancy pleasuring herself once, but it turned out to just be a clip of Willie Nelson putting in a big chaw of RedMan….

  4. DAMN IT! I didn’t even click the link! Just the pull quote, and I’ve lost the will to visit Italian PornHub.

  5. Aaaaaaaaannnnnnd don’t fergit she likes the dark ones…

    WOW! Whutta meaningful, cogent interview with an old bag that can barely formulate a sentence! THIS is whut’s leading the House???
    Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?

  6. Nancy Pelosi.


    …well, THAT mental image ALONE ought to quash that Coronavirus baby boom for a good long while

  7. …although Nancy most likey gets off on ruining other people’s lives, it’s a common tyrant disease…that’s why Hillary’s so angry all the time, frustrating HER from ruling US on Election Night would have been like warping Ron Jeremy to a monastery just before the money shot in terms of giving Hillary the BLUEST of metaphorical ballz…

  8. Nancy’s response should have been, “Okay, America, you noticed it here first. Colbert’s a douche who puts words in other people’s mouths.”

  9. Imagine the stress on the old cunt woman skank as we resist her plans to screw us over.

    Ammo gets here tomorrow 🤗

  10. Nope, she needs to hit every one of the liberal talk shows multiple times. Every time she does there will be some lifelong democrat that realizes she and the party is bat $hit crazy.

  11. Nancy: “We’re gonna pass a new law: a Dildo in every Bathroom and a Sexy Blow-up doll in every Garage.”

  12. #H R Clinton

    I have a brand new 2X4 that Pelosi can use to pleasure herself (if it is not too small that is)!

    You must have had that 2×4 around since Bill strapped it across his ass the last time (1980?) you sickos had sex.
    Wouldn’t want him drowning lol.

  13. I would have liked to take a shot at that… forty years ago… she’d have been in her forties and I in my twenties. Would have been ‘recreating’ for sure.

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