Nancy Pelosi sounding more bonkers than ever


Her mind wandering and her words not coming out right, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, 78, is sounding more addled than ever, unable to express any clear line of thought.

This is consequential if you are a Democrat, because she utterly refuses to step aside as leader of her party.  In fact, she’s convinced everyone loves her.

Look at this landscape of apparent dementia, based on her hour-long interview with Rolling Stone.  Asked about her leadership and the pressure from Democrats for her step down, Pelosi replied:

I think some of it is a little bit on the sexist side – although I wouldn’t normally say that. Except it’s like, really? Has anyone asked whatshisname, the one who’s the head of Senate?  more

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  1. Come on, MJA! Stop promoting these “attacks” on poor Nancy! (I should write to American Thinker, also.)

    We *need* America to see her as the Leader of the Democratic Party (along with Auntie Max, of course).

    She should *not* resign!

    She will become the poster child for the #WalkAway movement.

    Keep it quiet! ….Lady in Red

  2. We should be careful about what we ask for. If Nancy is replaced who would it be? It could be someone more competent.
    Besides, Nancy is quite amusing as long as you don’t take her seriously.

  3. Sometimes I think President Trump is deliberately trolling her to finally push her over the brink of insanity. She’s pretty darned close already.

  4. It doesn’t surprise me that Pelosi and Killary don’t want to let go.
    But it does surprise me that their constituency supports them to the level that they can remain on top.
    On top of a pile of garbage, to be sure. But you’d think that someone better, younger, would take charge.

  5. She’s just fine. Those verbal foul ups are caused by using a environmentally friendly denture grip that isn’t as effective as other mainstream brands but does no harm to the tadpoles, earwigs and silverfish.

  6. Keep her until she starts crapping herself in the well of the house. All signs indicate it’ll be happening with regularity {no pun intended} soon.

  7. LCD
    Have you seen any Cory Booker clips?
    Kids in Cages in multi-stages

  8. You know, having lived through dementia with my poor mother, I never thought Nancy suffered from it. I see it more as abject frustration with the Trump wave and uncertainly over what will happen with her and her party that is manifesting itself in these horrible speeches and interviews. I prefer my version because like dementia, she knows on some level what’s going on but can’t do a damn thing about it.

  9. Didn’t McCain start babbling like this right before they figured out his head was filled with cancer?

    Or as I’ve long suspected, all the Botox has seeped into her brain.

  10. Speaking of DERPS
    Congress Crook Eric ‘Swallers’ Swalwell
    At 11:39 AM EST
    YoYo Just said on MSNBC. . .
    ‘Stop all Legislative work in the House until every child is re-united’

    What a maroon

  11. Given all the stories about her drinking over the years, it could just be a case of her internal organs (including her brain) being pickled.

  12. “… clear line of thought …”

    From a socialist?
    Obfuscation, fuzzy thinking, and prevarication (or dissimulation) are absolutely essential to socialism.
    So, she’s fulfilling her obligations quite well.

    The trick is to sound like a moron while amassing a fortune (see Obola, e.g.).

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. I heard a rumor that Nancy liked to do it “dog style” but found out she only meant after a trip to relieve herself.


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