Nancy Pelosi stutters, calls China ‘Tina’

Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre behavior is now reaching an international audience.

While leading a Congressional delegation to visit the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, North India on Tuesday, the House Minority Leader was seen stuttering, repeating words, calling China “Tina,” and telling a joke that garnered laughs only from the Americans. – American Mirror.

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  1. The homunculus in her head is dying. That or the vibrator she forgot about in 1987 has bored its way into her brain.

  2. If anyone in this woman’s family cares about her you’d think they’d insist she take a leave and get some help.

  3. Anonymous,
    they probably value their lives and dare not take a chance. However, maybe no one in her family cares about her. She possibly raised people who now have the same “convictions” she has – none.

  4. What meds should she be on? Then again, what drugs IS she on? She needs help. That old moldy cottage cheese and sawdust mix inside that head of hers just doesn’t work anymore.

  5. The creepy looking guy second to the crazies left is Elliot Engle, NY congressman from The Bronx and parts of Westchester, or Westchester and parts of The Bronx, I forget. He’s what I call a do-nothing. He sends letters out reminding us of St. Patrick’s Day. The Holocaust, Black History Month, Veteran’s Day, Earth Day, you name it. He also tells us that Republicans want to pollute our air and water, starve and kill our children, kill our senior citizens, and on and on and on. But he’s always there for the photo op, usually with Schumer and other libtards, like Pelosi. I call him a do-nothing because some years ago he attended a party on 5th Avenue in honor of the Dali Lama. A group of New York elitists invited Lama to speak. He was well paid for his visit. The Dali gave them this gem: “To do nothing, is to do something.” The women swooned, some fainted, Engel picked up on it and hasn’t done a fucking thing ever since. Now that’s doing something.

  6. She looks like she had a stroke. Something is wrong for sure. Could it be all that hate and ugliness coming to the surface?

  7. That biotch is a special brand of stoopid. They
    need to distill it and serve it to other demorats.

  8. Her febrile brain is shot in the ass. That’s what she gets for drinking wine that comes from her own vineyards – that shit is laden with formaldehyde and other nerve-damaging solvents. It probably has some NonylPhenoxyPolyEthoxyEthanol in it too.

  9. I also wouldn’t rule out Bad Sushi – that Sea Hag might have eaten Bad Sushi and she’s got brain-chewing parasites gnawing their way thru her neurons and synapses.

    “…brains….num num num….Brains…BRAINS!!…”

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