Nancy Pelosi’s net worth more than tripled during financial crisis 2008-2010

AMERICAN THINKER: I am sure there is nothing at all suspicious when the then-speaker of the House managed to triple her (and her husband Paul’s) estimated net worth in the period of a global financial crisis, when the federal government was deciding whom to bail out and whom to let go bankrupt, and where to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on “stimulus.”

Doug Ross of Director Blue noticed the stunning investment success of the San Francisco couple, drawing on  information from Open Secrets, run by the Center for Responsive Politics.  MORE


24 Comments on Nancy Pelosi’s net worth more than tripled during financial crisis 2008-2010

  1. Must be nice to use insider information to turn crumbs to cash. I’d try it myself but, being a lowly american citizen with no political friends I’ll go straight to jail. Different rules for Different Tim.

  2. She’s near the end of her life. When she meets God real soon, all that wealth isn’t going to help her; she has some ‘splainin’ to do.

  3. When it comes time to prosecute her courts will make the case that she’s mentally incompetent – for which there’s plenty of video proof. I suspect that access to these millions will be cut off before the trial somehow.

    Broke AND incompetent, Nancy. That’s your future.

    Her future should be swinging from a taught rope, but I digress.

  4. Does this surprise anyone? Given that the crash of Fannie Mae sending markets into a free fall was orchestrated by the democrats to elect obama?

  5. She’s going to hold onto it till death, and probably accumulate more until then.

    California has stepped-up cost basis upon death. Her inheritors, upon her death (and her husbands death for some of the assets), will receive all the money at a $0 tax basis.
    It’s actually in the interest of everyone in the Pelosi family to make the one closest to death the richest. This is how all the money will be ultimately fleeced from average America and withdrawn from the Pelosi estate 100% tax free.

    I’m not for inheritance tax, but at some point with a public servant some of that money belongs to the American public.

  6. @ grool FEBRUARY 24, 2018 AT 11:01 AM
    “But if she keeps taking communion and getting in the priest booth, St. Peter will open the gate for her.


    Wrong. Reconciliation (confession) only works if the confessor is a) Truly sorry for her sins, and b.) commits to not keep repeating the sin.

  7. “Wrong. Reconciliation (confession) only works if the confessor is a) Truly sorry for her sins, and b.) commits to not keep repeating the sin.”

    Are you assuming she isn’t sincere? Can’t only God know that?

  8. grool, timing is everything. Nancy should keep a priest on a short leash, so he’ll be able to hear her confession at a moment’s notice.

  9. So if her net worth tripled, whatdaya figure her gross worth did?
    Quintuple? Cuz you know she loves payin taxes and shit … right?

    Stinking, filthy, lying, thieving hypocrite. Remember that wage thing back when she was Speaker and Samoa got a curiously co-incidental exemption? And it turned out that hubby Paul was the ONLY fukkin guy in Samoa to profit from it? But that ain’t illegal, see, cuz the Legislature wrote the Laws that exempt the Legislators … curiouser and curiouser …

    (ragheads and illegal-alien invading rat-people aren’t the ONLY enemies!)

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. I wish I had bookmarked the article but around 2009 I read of a grant to refurbish some specific apartments in San Fran. The reporter tracked down the grant to find it applied to only a few buildings on a specific block.

    Surprise! All the buildings belonged to the Pelosis. Not one building not belonging to them was included.


  11. She + former Speaker John made some very “smart” bets on RomneyCare in ’09+’10! They both turned $xxx,xxx into $xx,xxx,xxx.
    John may no longer be Speaker but he is still “in the loop”.


    It has been suggested (by “uncultured” conservatives) that these 2 powerful leftists traded on inside info! Hard to believe that 2 very high liberals would shaft America for their own personal gain!

  12. She isn’t the only one, Paul Ryan doubled his net worth in 2010 as well. I’m sure many other did as well. All available at


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