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Nanotechnology: Hacking Humans, Its Potential, and Real Risks

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Science fiction has become a reality with recent developments toward biohacking through nanotechnology. Soon, science and industries may soon realize the potential of human hacking… but at what risk versus reward?

Medical nanotechnology is one of these such topics. Many experts believe nanotechnology will pave the way for a bright, new future in improving our wellbeing. Yet, at the core of this biohacking are machines and as we’ve seen with other technologies — there are very real risks of malicious intent.

In this video, we share some of the applications being developed combining nanotechnology and medicine. We also look at the potential risks found in the practice and how we may mitigate issues before they’re problematic. We also share how companies can reduce security flaws and curb public perception so the nanotechnology industry can flourish without major setbacks. Want to learn more about this budding area of science and medicine?…

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11 Comments on Nanotechnology: Hacking Humans, Its Potential, and Real Risks

  1. “Want to learn more about this budding area of science and medicine? ”

    Ask the guys that made and insist EVERYONE get the “jab”. I’m sure they will have some insight to those questions.

  2. I really don’t know anything about it, but it sure seem like we’re getting into dangerous territory with this stuff.

  3. I read a story once about a guy named nimrod that built a tower
    he thought he was the ‘it’ guy too

  4. it should be noticed- the cultivation of interest and enthusiasm into curing or abating illness, rather than its prevention. In like kind, symptoms are treated rather than causes. which often turn out to be other medications.
    Take the crap out of our food and water and promote healthy lifestyles. And don’t huddle people in inner cities, like caged rats. Allow people to freely acknowledge God’s wonderful creation, and encourage that. It doesn’t belong to the government. ‘They didn’t build that’ (sic)
    That’s an order!
    but I won’t hold my breath

  5. There is surfacing evidence this may have been in some of the jabs. See Dr. Jane Ruby.
    If this is their solution we are all totally screwed – “the most powerful thing that needs to happen to lessen the risk of hacking with nanotechnology is legislation”

  6. Uhhh … what is the mechanism for metabolizing nanoparticles? Aren’t nanotubes kinda like asbestos, only with carbon atoms in place of silicon atoms? This shit may be in chapter 69 of, “The Book of Life.” Tards.

  7. The cosmetic industries are well advanced into nano-particle research. The have money out the ass from selling women balms and esters they promise convey youth and envy from other women. The latter being the largest motivator.

    They’ve already engineered shit that falls through cell walls and has effects on the cell nucleus. This caught the FDA’s attention. I guess the money involved has complicated the issue tremendously.

    We’re going to tinker with our bodies. That’s a given. How much of that the government interferes with is up for grabs.

    Women want big tits, taught asses and no wrinkles. Governments want a compliant population and reliable super soldiers.

    Most guys want bigger dicks.

    This nano-engineering is going to happen. Way too much potential profit for it not to.

  8. I have no doubt that there are “volunteer” subjects testing out these “improvements” in human biology as we read this. Extending life has a powerful lure to many with resources.

  9. Why would these fuckers want to improve your life, when there’s so much more money to be made by making you sick. They will have the remedy, and you will be their customer/slave for life. That’s where we are already. Add nanotech and 5G, and you open the door to someday being ‘switched off’. I’ll die when the Lord calls me home, thanks.

    Are Big Tech and Big Pharma deserving of such an incredible amount of trust on behalf of the patient?

  10. Pretty certain it’s already been screwed with majorly since the ’90s. The obesity epidemic didn’t come out of nowhere. Someone screwed with human DNA either intentionally or accidentally. They’re just being much more open about it now.

  11. Not going to stop. ‘Legislation’ please….
    Labs are running 24/7/365 all over the world.
    Only God can stop it.

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