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Nantucket Falls Victim To Panic-demic

Fox News

A COVID-19 outbreak in Nantucket has its wealthy residents turning against each other — with some resorting to trying to “rat” out those defying public health rules. 

The attempts to take matters into their own hands in the tony Massachusetts enclave came amid an “astronomical” rise in cases following Thanksgiving, the Daily Beast reported. 

“I get rat phone calls where people will be like, ‘I know that so and so is positive, and they’re at work and they’re driving around without a mask,'” Elizabeth Harris, a nurse at a Nantucket hospital tasked with investigating cases, told the outlet. More

34 Comments on Nantucket Falls Victim To Panic-demic

  1. But do that with people involved in actual criminal activity and you are shunned.

  2. Coming soon to Martha’s Vineyard, I hope. Lockdown the Obama’s.

  3. 13% positivity rate?

    Ha, bitches. We are at over 20% in Anderson County TN and partying like it’s 1999.

  4. Karen on line 1 through 99.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of leftist voters.

  5. Kiss my Cape Cod ass bitches. May your tourist traps go down for good…and the Wampanoags take it all back.

  6. There once were some nuts in Nantucket,
    Who feared they would all kick the bucket,
    Since coof-raddled meanies
    Would not quarantine,
    And masks? The meanies said “fuck it!”

  7. The solution is simple: No anonymous complaints accepted, and publish the names of the complainants every day on the interwebs.

  8. There one was a Mooch from Nantucket,
    Whose D-ck was so long It could S-ck It.
    It said with a grin,
    As it Wiped of Its Chin
    If my ear were a (C U Nect Tuesday),
    I could F-ck It!

  9. There once was whore from delaware
    who married a dope with no hair
    In a park he fucked her
    then she became a fake doctor
    she’s still married to the dope with no hair

    I’m tired. I can’t concentrate. lol

  10. there once was a woman named karen
    her common sense basket was barren
    herself she gave task
    to harass those unmnasked
    karen was a real bitch, for real.

  11. “I’m tired. I can’t concentrate. lol”

    I’m just in the State of Loathing. 🙂

  12. a man who could confuse a riddler
    is known as an old child diddler
    his family is criminal
    their IQs are minimal
    each one of them known as a swindler

  13. The Karens of lib’ral Nantucket
    Get endorphin highs when they can cluck
    at the WuFlu nay-sayers,
    and unmasked tennis players.
    Civility’s something they suck at.

  14. Joe biden a letter he wrote
    no words would come from his throat
    his cat sat to play
    batting an old bag away
    joe’s letter said, cat has my scrote!

  15. It’s good to see the cannibals eating their own.
    Have some poopupon mustard with that one. A bit dry.

  16. There once was a man from Nantucket,
    Who floated to Martha’s Vineyard by bucket,
    He paddled ashore and went up the stair,
    And told the Obama’s to fuck it.

    (And their little dog, too.)

  17. Before I kick the bucket

    I have a note for those in Nantucket

    The government is screwed

    And they’ve screwed you too

    So, when they say ‘jump’ suck it

  18. There once was a place called Nantucket
    Where the smallest violin’s strings were heard once you plucked it
    The neighbors they’d rat
    At the drop of a hat
    They deserve BLM there to really raise a ruckus

  19. There once was an old fool named Biden
    Who spent half his life in hiddin’
    They told him, “Joe,
    you put on a heck of a show.
    Now China’s here, expecting into the White House you slid them”

  20. I love it when the rats start eating each other!

  21. Jill Biden, she was there catchin’ it in her hat…
    She polished up Joes olde tomes…
    and decided they weren’t good poems…

    So, she headed out behind the barn…all dressed in pink….
    And then she made the medias fingers all fuckin’ stink…..

  22. Conservatives fumed in dejection,
    After Democrats stole the election,
    Old Joe was a joke,
    But after he croaked
    We went back to a half-black cocksucker

    Of erections

    That works, right?

  23. Jill and Joe flew to the Azores…
    Where Jill’s cooter got covered with green sores…
    The dogs in the street, ate the green meat…
    That retuned from Joe’s molars…..

  24. ….returned should be festooned….

  25. So, a bunch of people in Nantucket caught a cold.
    So sick of this CoronaScam BS.

  26. DANG !!!!
    I’m pulling up my pants and getting outta here.

  27. Where’s that BFH meme that pictures a little girl who says, “My little brother ate all the Scrabble tiles and now his poop makes more sense than these comments.”?

    Just kidding. Happy New Year everyone. 🙂

  28. Hank Johnson’s worried the entire island full of privileged pricks will capsize.

    Here’s to capsizing islands .

  29. There once was an old man named Joe.
    Who hooked up with a callused kneed ho.
    He said with a grin what year are we in?
    She said back to the basement you go!

  30. Nantucket is gettin the flu.
    And the locals are all feeling blue.
    Tis the newbies they said who are starting the spread.
    Catch em fast put em back in the zoo!

  31. New hotline for Nantucket rats, call 1-800-BHO-BAMA.

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