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Naomi Wolf Refuses the Left’s Definition of “Information”


The first principle in battling against the Alinsky crew is to not to accept their terminology.  Controlling language is a specific tactic of the professional political left.  We used to call it labeling, but modern leftists moved beyond labels into the creation of new definitions.  Modern leftists now use two different strategies depending on their target: (1) create new words, the traditional labeling; and (2) redefine existing words.

In this interview Naomi Wolf is one of the few people I have seen who correctly starts her discussion by dispatching the linguistics and framing her own baseline argument.  All politicians and candidates for office should watch how Wolf responds to the first question from Tucker Carlson, and then makes the better argument. More

5 Comments on Naomi Wolf Refuses the Left’s Definition of “Information”

  1. It’s hard for me to watch the left lie outright like the ones in the video. This won’t end until it ends in a hard way. They’re insane.

  2. Best yet :

    Let’s demand Cretin Joe Biden

    Define ” Information ”

    ditto ” Disinformation ”

    ” bureau of DisInformation ”

    and why not the latest racial accusations of

    ” CODE WORDS ”

    Let’s see if taffyhead Joe can handle that !

  3. Dementia Joe and the Kalamitous Jamindian were installed 465 days ago after a stolen election. One of the consequences of that stolen election is that every day of their illegal reign has become Senile Dementia and Ignert Slut Appreciation Day. The Handlers and Masters of these two Losers only have 995 days until the next inauguration to complete the destruction of our Republic. It sure took a long time for Naomi Wolf to wise up, but welcome to the fight.

  4. Marco,

    I was never a fan of hers but she is definitely more tolerable. for now.
    It is most likely her sense of self preservation that woke her up a bit.


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