NARCAN – Reader Rant

I’m going to protect the reader’s anonymity because there is employment involved with this rant/

Good morning Fur,

My wife just sent me a text and I have to tell someone.

Let’s start off by saying, as cruel as it may sound, when “they” decided that everyone should just carry Narcan, I said, “that is a terrible idea.” People looked at me like I was promoting full birth abortions. My reasoning is quite simple. People suck. People who really suck know that good people will do everything they can to lift them up, and help them out, therefore, those sucky-ass people take advantage.

We live in a time where there is no longer such thing as consequences. Overspent by $500,000 at a college to get a degree in painting by numbers, no problem. Someone will bail you out.

Cross the boarder as a convicted felon, kill a woman, no problem. We will get some lawyer to help you out. Won’t cost you a dime.

Kids can’t read? No problem, here is a diploma anyway…go get em tiger.

Your son wants to wear high heels, and piss sitting down? No problem, the other 365,000,000 will just have to accept that.

Little Johnny acts up in school? No problem, here is an iep, some pills, and big brother will be his daddy, you know, since there is not one in the home. I could go on for hours…..

My wife works at a nursing home. Most of society does not realize that nursing home are not just for nice, sick old people who can no longer take care of themselves. They have every walk of life.

In the winter, there is an uptick in people. Reason? Well, it’s cold. The homeless, who more often than not are crazy, need a place to ride it out. Sure it may sound stereotypical, but 98% of the homeless are either plum crazy, a drug user, or both. Around this same time there is also an uptick in younger people who are not homeless, but have some sort of infection, injury (real or fake), that gets the gubmint to pay for x number of days.

So, my wife just sent me a text. She says one of the “newer” residents ODed. They were going to die. The nurse administered Narcan. Saves their life. The druggie, whose life was just saved, says to the nurse, “you own me $40.00 for screwing with my high.”

I’m not joking.

It is bad enough that they know they can take risks because of the “controlled” situation they are in, they know if they mess up chances are very high someone will run in and save their lives, they also have this bizarre attitude.

Like any good low life, they take advantage of the situation. Narcan is everywhere. Police cars, minute clinics, schools, you name it, they are stocking it, and  afterward, they can request your $40.00 because you just f#cked up their high.

I’m not a soulless dick. I have seen what those drugs can do, up close and personal. I also have friends and family in law enforcement, as well as the healthcare industry. I’ve seen things. When a guy is caught selling this $hit, and is a felon already, and is in possession of a gun to boot, and runs from the cops, crashes into property, etc., no matter how bad they done f-ed up, that bastard will be out in less than 3 years.

If I let my CCW expire, and got caught with a loaded weapon, I would get 10 years. I’m just sick of it.

/rant off.


The rant stopped short of saying what I think they are saying – no more Narcan.

It’s a tough call. We have the technology to save someone from an overdose, how can we not?

But, on the other hand…


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  1. Like the drunk driver after a bottle or three. Slams into a family, kills the family and gets scratched up and sent away for 4-10, out after 2 but the family is still forever gone. And almost certainly the drunk will do it again, like your wife’s hyped out patient. I understand. Merry Christmas

  2. I don’t know what happened? By the time I read the instructions and precautions on the label, he was dead. Had to protect myself from liability don’t ya know!

  3. I’ve said it numerous times on community forums in varied language to conform to site norms:

    Junkies are worthless pieces of shit. They ruin everything. They man not feel better off dead, but I damn sure know the rest of us would be better off if they were dead. They’re like all the other legions of trash humanity choking off the word… They’re fucking up our chance for a better future because they want self-indulgence of the moment every fucking chance they get, and the rest of us are supposed to bust our asses to make sure they get what they want.

    Fuck that and fuck them.

  4. In this particular case, how about a policy and strict enforcement around illicit drugs?

    There comes a point – and we’ve reached it – where engaging in the exercise (and paying for it in myriad ways) of ‘saving’ people is just plain stupid. Something along the lines of removing all the warning labels and letting nature take its course comes to mind. Heartless? I don’t know. I do know that self-destructive people will continue being just that, until things become so painful that they don’t want to exist like that anymore. Lo and behold, some of them don’t want to actually exist period. People around them shouldn’t be made into collateral damage.

  5. BTW…. If you want to know just how batshit fucking crazy our society has gotten…

    In my state, the hacks in charge are “debating” putting a third gender option on birth certificates and drivers licenses. Of course, the debate is bullshit because it’s already a done deal behind closed doors among the democratic party deal makers.

    So, in a community debate forum, I trolled the debate, tongue in cheek, that settling on just 3 genders was really bigoted and that genders should be designated in analog fashion like radio frequencies rather than in discrete categories like M/F/O… There were actually progtard assholes on the board who applauded me for my “progressive idea”. It’s just more proof that our society is choked with people who are absolutely fucking insane.

  6. I have worked in hospitals when the patient’s barricaded themselves in the bathrooms of their hospital rooms and OD’ed on drugs the friends or family members brought them. After breaking the doors down and working to save them, we brought a few back and others were too far gone….but of course the family sues either way…. until blood sucking lawyers (who also become congressmen and senators and make more of these crap laws) are killed in droves, you’ll have to put up with it.

  7. I hear from an inner city paramedic I know that the junkies are looking for a “higher” high these days because they know that there are people who will save them if they overdose, so they’re willing to take the chance. Also, when they “come to” from the Narcan, many times they come to fighting scratching and biting. So they give them the Narcan and stand back. It’s like AIDS – all a matter of choice at this point. You make your choice – you pay your price. I’m not willing to pay the price for you.

  8. “What?”
    Just stare around, like the others.

    “Fo’shizzle, dawg, it don gon by yoot see what? I’m like, y’no, da muthuhfuckuhs dead! See wha I’m sayeen?”

    “Oh! Is dat wut dat shit’s fo?”

    Hope that helps.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I’ve said it here before, on a local Seattle newscast there was a discussion of homeless and opioid addiction and one addict claimed he had been saved 22 times by Narcan. I say let him go, it will be one less problem in a city full of problems.

  10. Go libertarian! Stop doing the same things, over and over — which have never worked. Legalize *all* drugs (and treat addicts medically).

    Eliminate the mafia, the drug cartels, the money! Eliminate the mystery and the secret dangerous romance of it all, esp. for the young.

    Finally, get the US government out of the illegal drugs for guns business. Restore honor and integrity to government…..Lady in Red

  11. I’m one of the opioid victims I’ve been on oxy for 10 years, got arthritis that doesn’t get better, just worse. It helps me have a life. I don’t get a high or a buzz or whatever the real junkies are looking for, but a calming of the pain.
    Why am I a “victim” – because we’re lumped in with real junkies, criminals who trade in misery and must justify our use of some medical help.
    Those who do drugs for fun(?) or whtever they need, know the danger.
    IMO, they want to die, leave this earth that has nothing good for them.
    First responders everywhere can’t just let them die if they can keep them alive. I don’t have the answer, don’t know what is right.

  12. Thanks seniordem65. I am in the same place as you.
    When I was first prescribed oxy, found it very unpleasant. I could not figure out what the attraction was to this drug.
    I resent being included with these junkies.
    Physicians are now on a short leash to prescribe even the smallest amount of painkiller.

  13. Isn’t it strange how opioids became a real problem in this country after we bombed the shit out of one of the world’s largest producers. I haven’t done the research but I recall rarely having heard about people overdosing on opioids prior to 9/11. It happened, people did overdose but it was nowhere near epidemic levels.

    My wife sells opioids, she’s a pharmaceutical rep. The brand she sells is tamper proof, you can’t shoot, snort or whatever they do with the stuff. She gets cornered regularly by people in doctors parking lots wanting to trade her for the good stuff. She sees people trying to get high, with their kids in the car.

    I say let them die. But there is technology to revive them, fortunately the stuff isn’t very expensive.

  14. I hear that when the heroin
    is boosted with fentanyl or
    its like, not even 2 shots
    of Narcan may work. Way I see
    it a junky’s first 3 doses are
    on the taxpayer. After that let
    him lie until he wakes up or croaks.

  15. When I see a fat fuck having a heart attack, I say “let em die”.

    When I see a moron “accidentally” shoot themselves, I say “let am die”.

    Jaywalk against a light? Inhale too much bug spray trying to fumigate your own house on the cheap? Stupid kid gets swept into a drainage ditch? Die, die, die.

    Get in a car wreck while going one mile over the speed limit? Die.

    These are not the Christians you’re looking for.

    Doctors have an obligation to save a life and do no harm.

    If you want them playing judge, jury, and executioner for your particular hobby horse then you are, in effect, supporting death panels. Don’t be surprised when it comes for you.

    I don’t like druggies either but for fucks sake y’all. What is going on in our streets is a deliberate poisoning by hostile governments. Aided and abetted by our own policies that lumps chronic sufferers in with recreational addicts and sends them all to the streets

  16. @Lady in Red: Never happen, because everybody’s making too much money from drugs – government agencies, criminals, cops – you name it. The so-called “war on drugs” is the biggest scam perpetuated on the American people since income taxes, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

  17. This is a difficult situation. I don’t believe that all junkies are useless, waste of skins but that most could be saved if the countries in the west made a couple of changes.

    First legalize weed and it’s derivatives. It just as harmful (or harmless depending on your point of view) as alcohol and it’s legalization is inevitable anyway.

    Second if you catch a junkie off they go immediately to a 6 month rehab course paid for by the government. This would be a good course not some piece of crap lowest bidder fruad. Their home situation would be adminstered by the government while they were gone. If they get caught again then off they go back to a more extreme/intensive form of 6 month program. A third time and they’re given a choice of jail for life or execution. That choice is kept open to them for the entire length of their stay.

    Pushers on the other hand will get a six month intensive rehab course by the government then released. If caught again they get executed.

    It sounds barbaric but the drug problem will grow and grow until extreme steps are taken to eradicate it. Hell, you could go the other way and legalize all drugs but cut off all help to junkies/users. In fact make helping them illegal and like a forest fire it may burn itself out.

  18. there is no solution to the drug problem; humans are not infallible beings & we are all weak in one way or another. you take away drugs & we’ll get high on hemp, glue, paint, mushrooms, cactus, potatoes, grain … whatever. getting ‘high’ is no more an epidemic than the Absinthe craze in France or the Opium dens throughout the US in the late 1800’s

    government cannot solve this (other than to get out of the business of raising our children). it is a result of a breakdown in society where the acceptance of behavior that has, until recently, been criticized, demonized, ostracized & shunned by those that understood the price for civilization was a certain amount of the social mores & abidance of the laws of that civilization

    like I mentioned about 6 months ago …. there is only 2 ways to solve this … either we go back to the lessons of ‘The Gods of The Copybook Headings’ or…………
    we make the NFL open up their (taxpayer-funded) stadiums, when they are not using them (hell, they only use them 10 times a year!), & have an open-air free drug-of-your-choice market on the fields for all-comers. Make it a monthly event. No one will have to participate; all free-will. Just the lure of ‘all the free shit you want!’…. believe me, there will be such a line they’ll have to turn them away. Advertise it as a live on-the-field zombie-fest & televise it … & no Narcan … that shit’s for quitters!
    Sell tickets, have concessions, sell parking passes, hats, jerseys, pennants, hot dogs, sponsored beer soda, nachos, foam fingers, stupid towels & legalize betting on which of the participants (numbered jerseys, of course) on the field are going to OD or not. Any participants that survive gets a free ‘I survived Drugfest’ t-shirt (tie-dyed, of course) & automatic entry into next months competition.
    Sell hoodies & tee shirts w/ ‘My Baby Daddy survived the April Drugfest – Oakland’, bumper stickers w/ ‘I’m a proud parent of August Drugfest survivor – Miami 2019’, ‘I almost OD’ed at Drugfest – July 2020 & all I got was this lousy t-shirt’
    once people become conditioned to the carnage have a lottery among the fans … anyone that wins gets to ‘dispatch’ those that are convulsing & showing ‘no-comeback’ vital signs
    … entertainment tax & sales tax alone will bring in approval by gubmit … after all, they’re ‘working for the people’

    this is obviously not a solution, but neither are we serious as a nation, about an answer. We are slowly devolving into ‘Idiocracy’. The election of DJT is only a stop-gap measurement. The young have been too indoctrinated to turn the long-term tide … I hope that I am just being a cynical old-fart & am seriously wrong … but, so far, current events are not giving me a warm-&-fuzzy

    Morality of societies fluctuate. I pray we have reached our nadir & there’s only up from here.

  19. When heroin was considered a scumbag drug – people were more reluctant to use. Those that did were more reluctant to risk ODing. And before there was narcan in every purse and pocket, people who were not heavy addicts would at least try to be a little careful. They feared dying. They feared the stigma. They feared being shunned by family and friends, and losing their jobs and being basically shunned as a abject lowlife addict. Most of all they feared getting clean – because it would be an awful journey and a painful one. BUT that journey taught them how dangerous the drugs are, and how seductive they were. They didn’t want to have to experience THAT again.
    Now, they get a wiff of life-saving meds, and DO WAKE UP FURIOUS THAT YOU STOLE THEIR HIGH. My husband deals with this VERY often as a first responder. EVERY shift now, multiple times. A decade ago he saw just one OD case about once every six weeks to a couple of months.
    People don’t “think” heroin is so bad now, because it is a “disease” instead of a choice. Now we make a soft landing for those who decide to “try” getting clean. Now we save the first timer, and the hard core user alike. So, the first timer goes on to become a hard core user because heroin is something that they couldn’t resist trying out for fun, and we can’t, as a society, shame the addicted people due to the addiction being deemed a “disease”.
    Make 50% of all narcan doses a placebo, and 50% genuine.

  20. When I checked out of the hospital last week after biopsies the kid handed me a bag. In it I found a full bottle of OxyContin. I asked why and the kid said it was for my pain. I explained I was only in minor dicomfort and didn’t want them and for him to take them.

    He got real scared and said he couldn’t .

    I flushed them when I got home.

  21. I used to work in the business office in a busy ER. I registered pantients in their ER beds, in triage, and the ambulance bay. I saw narcan used a few times and the results were as BFH describes. The one thing I noticed was stubborn and stupid these people are. They were probably that way before they started opioids/opiates. Now that we have this ‘crisis’ on our hands we’re being told the problem is in availability and over prescribing. The real problem is with the user. Junkies are junkies because they want to be. Can they go clean? Sure – if they want to, and only if they want to.

  22. Junkies are God’s children, too.
    They wander in darkness.
    They’ve embraced the Dark.
    There is salvation, indeed, redemption, through Jesus Christ.

    But, of course, it takes a saint to administer to them – to bring them to the Light. I guess that’s why God put saints among us.

    (oh … I’m no saint)

    izlamo delenda est …

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