NASA To Rename Celestial Bodies It Finds Politically Incorrect


NASA announced in a press release Thursday that it will change the names of planets and other heavenly bodies that it deems “offensive.”

For instance, the “Eskimo Nebula,” discovered in 1787 by William Hershel, will now be referred to as NGC 2392, and the “Siamese Twins Galaxy” will be known as NGC 4567 and NGC 4568.

These are the only two examples NASA gave in its statement.

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  1. “seemingly innocuous nicknames can be harmful and detract from the science”
    No, they do not. The nicknames were, mostly, determined when the terms were considered perfectly fine. The fact that some small minority might now take offense is irrelevant. I could understand if a nickname was like the “ni***** nebula”, but things like the Eskimo Nebula (just one example) should be OK.

    I have been over political correctness since, well, since it debuted. I do not try to offend people, but I will not apologize for something that was done before some snowflake decided a term is offensive.

  2. Wambam
    AUGUST 9, 2020 AT 1:06 PM
    “Are they gonna rename black holes “Maxine mouth”?”

    …change it to “Mouf” to give it the necessary Hillary Clinton Ebonica pronunciation, and you’re there…

  3. Contrarily, I think Uranus should be renamed “Myanus” because I’m the center of the Universe.

  4. I agree, for instance we should say NSEW Star instead of the divisive name North Star.

    Not sure what to do with the Star of David though. Somebody please help.

  5. Damn, what will I do with all my time now that I don’t watch sports or the night sky anymore? Night fishing it is. NASA can stick their pc bullshit up their Uranus.

  6. I just Mooned them.
    Take that.

    What a bunch of children run NASA these days.
    The old astronauts would beat their asses. I was gonna say beat them silly, but these soy boys are already beyond silly.

  7. My Petey B has already written up a proposal for NASA to change the name of Uranus to “Chasten’s Unbleached Elastic Starfish!”

  8. Bob,night fishing is way cool,come up to my place in North Ontario.We will put a little light on your bobber so you can concentrate on drinking.Once you hook into a 20 pound pike you no longer need the bobber.

  9. Disney sued Dan O’Neill a San Francisco underground cartoonist in the early 70’s for his parody of old time Mickey Mouse comic books called Mickey Mouse And The Air Pirates. I remember that because Dan O’Neill was one of my favorite and very funny underground cartoonists and wasn’t vulgar and pornographic like R Crumb was. Fred and Hugh rule, if you know who they were you’re an old fart like me.

  10. Suggested replacements:

    The National Debt Black Hole

    The Legislative Process Nebula

    Gas Giant Nadler

    The Ford Galaxy

    The Mercury Comet

  11. Suggested replacements:

    The National Debt Black Hole

    The Legislative Process Nebula

    Gas Giant Nadler

    The Ford Galaxy

    The Mercury Comet

  12. @Alexb

    A guy caught a huge lake trout in Utah recently. Broke a record…80 pounds I think it was.

    At Great Bear Lake in Canada Indian guides claimed 20-30 years ago there was a trout they saw in clear water that they estimated to be 100 pounds. Don’t know if it’s still around or not or if some lucky angler caught it.

    Is pike good eating? I have never had it.

  13. Back in the 1960’s everyone revered NASA. Now, like major league sports, there is nothing at NASA to look up to. It even got into the global warming charade, a ridiculous detour for an organization of physicists whose mission is outer space exploration.

    Phooey on NASA. They missed the bus anyway by doing the space station and not going for a permanent station on the moon. Eventually, the space station will be demobilized, taken apart, or fall apart, but the moon? Never.


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