NASA’s Hubble Replacement A Symptom Of A Sickly Agency In A Dysfunctional Federal System

The James Webb Space Telescope has a launch date set for this December. According to Revolver that makes the program only 14 years late and $9.5 billion over budget.

This kind of lack luster performance is standard for public sector operations, but NASA is handicapped by more than ineptitude and over generosity to its aerospace contractors. More

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  1. And they wonder why the Russians and Elon Musk are kicking their asses. NASA would be hard pressed to launch a bottle rocket at a fireworks show, but they got the Islamic outreach program down pat.

  2. NASA still trying to interpret 1950 Mil Spec to current ANSI. They’re fucking stupid. I’m black balled from doing work for them so here’s the truth. They’re fucking really old and stupid. Space saved our space program. And I’m thinking who flung poo would love to get their hands on it,

  3. Space Ex saved. My bad, but the truth. Love or hate the guy he can assemble a team. Kinda sorta fucking important. Even if he occasionally fucks your woman. LOL

  4. 14 years late, but in fairness, for 8 miserable years they were focused on muslim outreach, and 4 years helping the deep state is running President trump out of office. So really, just 2 years late. As for the $9.5 billion over budget, that’s just the Biden “temporary” inflation factor.

  5. Long but good article.
    Maybe because of space it doesn’t mention how dumbed down schools have gotten.
    I remember when Obama changed NASA’s mission. Rush talked about it a lot. A lot of us did.
    The goal was and is to bring the USA down a few pegs so we are no longer a super power but more equal with the rest of the world.
    Obama and his commie friends care about money and power. Not technological advances.

  6. New mission statement:
    To boldly go nowhere while being inclusive.
    Muslims must be bring their own goats.
    Mission accomplished.


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