NASA’s New Toy : Robonaut R5, Valkyrie

If you remember the movie “The Right Stuff” the early debate in NASA’s space program was who would be launched into space first, man or monkey? Now the debate is whether we even need to send a person to Mars when the nation’s space agency is developing humanoid like robots that can go instead.


The Valkyrie being tested Here

The Johnson Space Center is already trying to license out its R2 design Here




12 Comments on NASA’s New Toy : Robonaut R5, Valkyrie

  1. A robot is technically an extension of the machine, albeit a more complex machine. We already sent up a machine.

    We should be sending robots to Mars, but humans to settle the moon.

  2. Mission to Mars.

    Send Stephen Hawking. He’s 1/2 machine, and we don’t discriminate based on disability. Soooo, bye!

  3. I like the idea of sending R5 to Mars. It saves on all kinds of life support and if something goes wrong we’re out a valuable thing that can be re-manufactured not an irreplaceable human.

    The problem is communication and control of the machine from so far away. You can’t do an Avatar kind of set up because the delay in radio signal is just too long.

    The alternative would be to make them as autonomous as possible, to make their own decisions on the spot. Load them up during rest periods with instructions and let the R5 units do their task independently.

  4. Man is an irreplacable part in the exploration of space. Take man out and the nations, the worlds interest in exploring the cosmos will recede and disappear. It may take longer and be more expensive and sometimes tragic but that is the nature of mankinds greatest adventure.


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