NASCAR Driver Corey Lajoie to Drive Trump 2020 Car at Sunday’s Brickyard 400

WeLoveTrump: Sports have gotten extremely politicized in recent years, but perhaps none are more polarizing than NASCAR right now.

On Sunday, NASCAR driver Corey Lajoie will premiere a Trump 2020 paint job on his car during the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Let the triggering begin…

27 Comments on NASCAR Driver Corey Lajoie to Drive Trump 2020 Car at Sunday’s Brickyard 400

  1. Someone should run a BIDEN 2020 car, take a few of the spark plugs out to make it realistic.

  2. Spot Bubba Wallace and Petty Racing a couple of laps because, you know…it’s the PC thing to do. Make Trump 2020 race with the parking brake on.

  3. Nope. No more nascar, this is naked attempt to get back what they lost with their Jesse Smollet bullshit, they can fuck off and kiss my American ass on their way to off.

  4. Rick – totally agree. Well, they lost me with that stupid, three race, point system they implemented, but I would watch the after race highlights. But since all the real men of the sport left, it’s nothing but a bunch of coddled soy boys. And lastly, yes, the Wallace bullshit even had me dump all of my Nascar t-shirts (well all three of them). I’m done with it, for good.

  5. Bubba will try to crash the Trump car in the first lap but ends up wrecking his own car so badly he is out of the race. BUT…there will be a Big Wheel available for Bubba to ride around the pit area so he can ‘see and be seen’.

  6. Embarrassed for Richard Petty.

    I have not watched in years. (Well before the 3 stage races)

    Bubba drives about as well as Danican’t.

    Middle back of the pack with a stick up his ass.

  7. Bernie deserves to drive either a Fiat or a Trabant or an Isetta (an Urkel car) in a Nascar race. Guaranteed POS’s all and he’d always finish last down by 20 laps or more.

  8. KCIR – exactly, he’s the mulatto male version of Danican’t (I like that name..haha). I bet you anything Petty is secretly regretting the choice.

  9. @ geoff the aardvark July 5, 2020 at 9:43 am ,
    I would love to have an Isetta. If you know where I can find one cheap, let me know……

  10. Sorry Nascar you can’t call your fans a bunch of racists and then think this will make them watch. I get you think they’re all a bunch of dumb racist southerners, but you’re wrong on both accounts.

  11. I once saw an Isetta at a stop light back in the early 70’s in downtown Spokane with 2 fat guys in it and a guy on a Honda 750 motorcycle next to them laughing his ass off. We also used to call Isetta’s the ultimate slug bug because if my kids saw one they could never be slugged again by their siblings. I haven’t seen an Isetta in years although once upon a time many years ago they were fairly common.

  12. I wonder which soy-boy driver will run Lajoie into the wall. I will read about it tomorrow. I haven’t had the stomach to watch NASCAR since the “car of tomorrow” and the subsequent rule changes that happened over 12 years ago.

  13. Nascar decided a dumbshit liar named wallce was the sport itself.
    A nascar competitor will come forward. Be patient.

  14. Although I NO LONGER watch nascar, I’m hoping the Trump car puts that nappy headed little bitch in the 43 car into the wall!

  15. Justin – LOL..can you imagine that? It would be all over the news and CNN would say it was planned, Trump hates blacks, LaJoie should be removed from NASCAR, Bubba should be able to race all by himself in the next race, blah, blah, blah. Please let it happen.

  16. Our old HS shop teacher had an Isetta.
    People used to lift and turn it lengthwise in parking space.

  17. All pro sports is dead and considered in enemy hands. We need to pull an Atlas Shrugged and leave the carcassess to the moochers and looters.

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