Nat Geo Documents The Various Types of Walls Used On Mexican/U.S. Border

Triple fences topped with razor wire, fences that extend into the ocean, and even double walls, but nothing seems to stop the illegals.

What are we going to build?

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  1. What are we going to build?
    If we built large catapults with man-size projectile buckets every 200 feet or so along the border … and used them to return every one of the non-Americans back to the other side of the border, I think just the word of mouth from any survivors would be enough to stem the flow of illegal traffic for a good while.

    And I believe Americans are pissed off enough about the situation to the point where thousands, if not millions, of people would gladly line up and pay a lot of money just to get to operate one of the catapults. What a money saver!

  2. Barrier methods to keep illegals out will work but of course not completely. The crafty will find ways to get people across.

    In conjunction with a wall, we must make our country inhospitable for illegals to remain here. Don’t forget, about half of the illegal aliens are people that have over stayed their visa.

    We must have a functioning system to determine eligibility for employment and buying /leasing property. The widespread practice of the IRS ignoring millions of tax returns with fraudulent SS numbers must be stopped(really, WTF???) and these people must be caught and deported.

    I would also end welfare benefits for illegals along with anchor baby citizenship chains.

    When illegals see we are truly serious about who is in this country, the invasion will let up.

  3. What kind of message do we send when we build walls but have sanctuary cities complete with free education, healthcare, food, housing and more for illegal aliens? We need walls in key places, but the #1 thing that will stop the invasion is no free shit and instant deportation when found. Second offense? Detention camp for 2 years in the desert…and you have to grow your own food.

  4. East Berlin pretty much solved their problem decades ago. I think the key to success is not the size of the wall but rather the size of the guns carried by the guards stationed every 25 yards. It’s not rocket science, for fucks sake.

  5. The ‘wall’ is just a taxpayer bribe to the unions for votes.
    If you walk across the border and say you are shopping they let you pass even without ID.
    Trump says he won’t stop that, instead he is giving them ‘touchback amnesty’ (that means filling out a form) and refusing to deal with the reasons they are coming here in the first place.
    What Trump wants to do has been tried and failed several times before.

  6. I’ve driven and walked across the border from all three border states many times. There is no problem or even ID required to enter Mexico but try getting back into the US without going through checkpoints that will check your bags, vehicle and Passport. And it’s the US Border Guards checking everyone and you now go through a scanner if walking across. Mexico doesn’t give two shits about who comes into our country. They also now charge each American or other country’s citizens $25 per day to visit and $300 if you stay more than three days. Thousands of Mexicans cross daily with green cards (legally) to work on this side and return in the evening so if we charge them, as its only fair, Mexico would actually pay to complete the fence.

  7. End the excessive welfare programs that pay able bodied turds to sit on the couch.
    Those turds needing every job they can get to survive, will carry the illegals back.
    When they catch the drug runners, give ’em to sheriff Joe.
    He knows what to do.

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