Natalie Harp’s Good Samaritan

During the president’s address to the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference today, Donald Trump called for Natalie Harp to come join him on stage. Watch 

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10 Comments on Natalie Harp’s Good Samaritan

  1. Got to love him. “Don’t know what that
    medicine was but that sucker worked”.
    Ever hear of JETHRO KLOSS ???

  2. No President that I can remember in my lifetime has kept campaign promises like this man! This is what we elected him for. In an odd way we were blessed, without even knowing it, when we gave the House a Republican majority in 2012 and they did nothing. Then in 2014 we gave the Senate a Republican majority and they did nothing. THAT right there is what gave us Donald J. Trump!
    You Never Trumpers and Muther Humpers (AKA democRATs) can go pound sand!
    God Bless you Sir!

  3. I LOVE this man!
    And, yet another confirmation that conservative women are way more clever, and far better looking!
    That was a great use of the parable of The Good Samaritan.

  4. Very happy for her. These are the right to try stories that may not always be successful, but ultimately it is your life and as long as they are not exploiting you financially GO FOR IT!

    Trumps rallies always make me smile and feel good. Obama & Turdeau always try to make you feel guilty.

  5. As anonymous noted above, friggin’ Fox News cut into her speech just as she got going. Thanks for posting this so I could see the whole thing.


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