Nathan Phillips Turns Down Chat with Nick Sandmann

VIDEO: Nathan Phillips tells TMZ doesn’t feel the need to sit down and hash things out with Nick Sandmann about their Lincoln Memorial face-off.

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  1. Because we can’t handle his truth.

    His wisdom, experience, and purpose is beyond mere words and man to denigrate in such a manner by acknowledging white privilege.

  2. Nathan Phillips, the refrig mechanic, doesn’t handle his teeth very well, either.
    ….or, clean them, what’s left….? …..Lady in Red

  3. When the dust settles on all this, Nathan Phillips (or whatever he calls himself) will have brought more dishonor on his “people” than any imagined foe ever could. And isn’t that what Nathan Phillips’ life has been about as an adult? Lying about being a fighting man in Vietnam aside, he has so very little to show for all the opportunities God has bestowed on him. That is the take away all wise people should contemplate. Instead of taking up those opportunities, he squandered them because it seems he could never stop blaming others for his situation in life. I suppose his alcoholism can be used as an excuse — heaven knows there has been a huge 20th century attempt to convince us that it is a “disease” beyond our ken. But Friends of Bill W. will tell you otherwise — and with success to back their claim. And there are probably at least a couple of Marine Reserve sergeants with Private Pillips’ targets on them, too, for “messing up his life” and his pay grade by discriminating against him (for being AWOL 4 times).

    All to say: All the usual people familiar with Phillips’ conniving have either steered far clear of him or know how to thwart his brand of meanness, so now he’s gone after the kids — fresh meat, so to speak. Addicts — even former ones — are notoriously narcissistic and require their daily dose of grandiosity, fealty, and YouTube exposure. To be given a national platform and feated by NBC is even more than Nathan Phillips could have imagined in his wildest, wild-eyed dreams.

    Do you think he’s going to spoil all that by allowing the truth to speak? Don’t bet on it.

  4. The only thing Chief Big Chickenshit has taught anybody through this whole ordeal is that even a 64 year old ex-marine can be a petty child. He never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    If so many dioceses can disavow Covington, can the USMC not disavow Phillips?

  5. Fine. He can sit across from Sandmann in the courtroom. I hope Phillips is ordered to pay millions in reztitution…or would that be rezparations?

  6. Abigail is correct. He is a useful idiot in a long line of useful idiots. Just an empty vessel used temporary to move along the Karl Marx river…

    The dynamic now is that there are millions of free voices with the technology to debunk the narrative instantaneously.

    Incidentally having sprung from indigenous loins I can tell you the Omaha have always been a trash tribe. Nebraska is where we exiled the lunatics and criminals. Go figure.

  7. BTW – the “guy” who impregnated the comatose woman was a 36 year old dred-locked wearing person of color who was her LPN. Target of opportunity I guess.

  8. He’s just a useful could have been anybody as long as he was non-white. The purpose is to keep racial strife at a fever pitch.
    The contrarian pricks that are behind this have always been out there but now they’ve infiltrated congress and the media giving them a very powerful soapbox.
    The left never stops agitating and the only fix is their destruction by any means possible.

  9. “Nathan is a impressive young man.I wish him all the best in his life.”

    I clicked an up vote because I was thinking of Nick Sandmann. I think anonymous just got the name wrong. If not, I take back my up vote.

  10. “Bang a drum for tomorrow
    Bang a drum for the past
    Bang a drum for the heroes
    That won’t come back”
    (Bon Jovi)

    The heroes won’t (can’t) come back, but the worthless sacks of shit are always with us.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Uhh … Nathan … I got a ghost shirt I could sell ya … that would protect you from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or from bullets, or from truth.

    Get in touch with Mr. Hat if you’re interested (cash, check, gold, silver, and/or ammo accepted) in this (potentially) life-saving deal.

    I guarantee it’ll work as well for you as ghost shirts did for your ancestors.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Well the kid still has time to get braces for his teeth.

    What kind of optics does it send when a good looking white kid meets up with a meth mouthed injun?


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