Nathan Phillips- Vietnam Vet

There are lots of whispers, and loud shouts, on the internet that the Native American/Vietnam Vet, Nathan Phillips, is not a veteran. They say he is too young. By my eyes he looks like he could be a WWII vet. But speculation and opinion is not evidence.

This is an audacious charge, stolen valor, to make without evidence.

Many are saying he was born in 1955, but I cannot find his birthdate anywhere online. A guy, NoMan2000, did some research. These are some of his findings. —>HERE

“I was in Vietnam times and when I was in the Marine Corps times, that’s what I was. I was expendable.”

“I’m a veteran,” says Phillips, “a Marine Corps infantryman in the ’70s” So he’s claiming to specifically be in combat arms during Vietnam. – NoMan2000@_NoMan2000

How old is he? Both the 2000 articles on him and the 2019 articles on him give him the same birth year. … Nov. 26, 2000, age 45. 2000 – 45 = 1955. … 64 years old, January of 2019. 64 – 2019 = 1955

He maintains that the timeline doesn’t add up, but he is leaving open the possibility he is dead wrong.

I have been informed by someone with more inside knowledge than I that there were in fact, a very few small number of combat arms people active at the time, but that this is an incredibly small group of people.

And one other thing, this is no way meant to encourage a dog pile on him. Thanks to the attention all of you have brought to this thread, the wheels are in motion and the right people have been made aware. He will be either outed or exonerated.

I think before this gets out of hand Phillips should come forward and quickly put an end to this by showing his tax forms long form birth certificate military records. It’s not fair to have these sort of potentially libelous and slanderous claims being made.

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  1. I am an old Jarhead who served in Vietnamin 1970. The Marines pulled out shortly after I left. The Army remained after we left. The Marines have Force Recon. The Army has Rangers. Both are highly regarded units. I am not aware of a force called “Force Ranger.”

  2. Yea, and I am Cleopatra Queen of the Nile.

    Maybe he can get Grey Beaver to vouch for him? The two of them can do a video of them having a beer in her kitchen.

  3. I am 71 years old. I went to Vietnam in 1966 just a month before my 19th birthday.

    He look much older than me.

  4. Question: Did he say he was IN Vietnam? Or did he say he was in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam ERA ? Hes quoted as saying
    ” he was in Vietnam times …” ” a Marine Corps infantryman in the 1970’s …” The Vietnam ERA went thru 1976; it was a legal definition during one’s enlistment. I am sensitive to Stolen Valor but I want to see more quotes of what he is actually claiming before I pass any judgment.

  5. All the articles this past week say his is 65.
    One even mentions he’s been sober for 16 yrs.
    If he is 65 he was born in 1954 or 55 which means in 1970 he was 15. He could have gone in the Marines in 1973. That means he could have been in Viet Nam for 2 yrs as the US pulled out in 1975.
    You would think he would have gotten his teeth fixed.

  6. “Nathan Phillips’ birthday fell on the same day of the eviction of the Dakota Access protest camps last year.
    “The snow was flying, the camp was on fire — oh, I didn’t get no birthday cake,” the 64-year-old Omaha tribal member said Thursday.
    Phillips was among the last of the protesters encamped near the Cannonball River in southern Morton County when law enforcement evicted the camps from Feb. 22-23, 2017…”
    That pins it down to within a day or two.
    I’m not comfortable accusing him of ‘stolen valor,’ either. But someone should come forward and clear things up. I consider that it was msm using that claim to enhance their story, and that Phillips was unable to sufficiently clarify things. Whiile I contest his presentation of what happened on the mall, I also think he has been used by msm to run their fakery.

    And yes, people do lie about their age to join the military. My own father quit high school and lied about his age to serve during world war II. He successfully served one tour as a tail gunner on a B17, then was half way through a second tour in the same position when they realized what he was doing and they transferred him, as a second tour was not allowed in that seat at that time.

  7. If he is a Vet why didn’t he get his teeth fixed at the V.A clinic? I’m old but this man look’s worse than I do. “_”
    Anyway-I watched the video from start to finish and I have to say that this guy lied and was paid to go on the news to spread the lies so the MSM could further their claims against the President and any that like him. Remember that ALL liars will be cast into the lake of fire at the end.(rev.21:8) Seems to me that a libel law suit could be brought against him and the news stations by the kid in the video. and it’s a shame that even the kids school/church backed the Indian BEFORE all the facts were made. SHAME on them for their hypocrisy.

  8. He a Leftist Activist with a capitol “A”. He’s the Left’s token “Native American” who travels the Resistance circuit. He’s also the head of a native American environmental movement whose tagline includes “resist.” He’s the Jackson/Sharpton of the downtrodden indians. He should take care of business on his own reservation before pointing his bony finger of accusation at others.

  9. After listening to untold number of bar room stories, I am an unbeliever, until I see the DD-214.
    I have had long hair and a beard since 1981, it makes great camo.
    Stories told, so many can be shot down, and I have.
    Good thing I’m a big ol boy.
    Little boys hate getting called liars.

  10. If the guy served in the military when others were running for the hills, I say bravo to the brave man.
    Stolen valor is despicable. Robbing someone of their valor is equally so.

  11. From NoMans Twitter:

    He claims to have joined when he was 17. This would put him at 1972. (1955 + 17 = 1972). The problem? The last Marine combat unit left Vietnam on June 25, 1971.

    Does anyone know from memory if that date is accurate, June 25, 1971? I will go check on it.

    ETA – Here is what I found: June 25, 1971
    Last Marine ground troops departed South Vietnam leaving only a token force at the U.S. Embassy. I have aproblem believing this guy’s history.

  12. A veteran? – very iffy. Not really buying it. He’s just not forthcoming with details. Most vets are very proud or at least willing to give their rank, dates and location of service.

    The noble indian act is as phoney as his counterpart, John Kerry’s (I served in Vietnam) patriotism. Obviously, a Leftist agitator finally getting the attention he wanted and will soon regret once the truth comes out.

  13. I don’t think it’s disputing that he’s a veteran, I think they’re disputing that he was involved in the Vietnam War. He, himself says “Vietnam times Veteran” and is never directly quoted as saying “Vietnam Veteran”. But the media put a banner under his name saying “Vietnam War Veteran” without quoting him directly. I think the issue is with the media mislabeling things again, and not so much that Nathan Phillips is a liar.

  14. … aside from the fact that the Marine Corps do not have ‘infantrymen’

    “I’m a veteran,” says Phillips, “a Marine Corps infantryman in the ’70s”

    every Marine knows that he is a ‘rifleman’

  15. Brad: “If he’s a fake Vet, I believe there are now laws against that.”

    Used to be recently. Then the courts eviscerated them. They might as well not exist today. Liberal judges don’t want you harshing on folks represent themselves as ‘been there, done that’. Hurts their feelings or something like that.

  16. Records show he served with the 1/1024th Division, famously known as The Comanche Code-Drummers. Used to drive the NVA up the wall.

  17. He’s not even injun. If he was his name would be something like Running Bear, Squats To Piss, or Two Dogs Fucking. Otherwise he is guilty of cultural appropriation.

  18. I can vouch for him. When he was in Vietnam, I was very aggressively nuzzling his 10 year old niece at drum circle gatherings stateside.

  19. I have in on good authority that Dan Rather has a Word document on a floppy disc from 1970 confirming that this poor man indeed served our country honorably.
    In addition, it has been noted that he killed at least a hundred Germans and Japanese during the Vietnam conflict.

  20. “ANGLICO” … Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
    As a Marine, I was assigned to Sub Unit One, 1st ANGLICO in June 1970 in the RVN and returned to CONUS February 1972. It was the only Marine Corps organization reporting directly to Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV). ANGLICO, a Marine Company element, had Shore Fire Control Teams all along the coast of VN to coordinate and control fires from artillery, naval gunfire, and Close Air Support. To my knowledge Sub Unit One 1st ANGLICO left VN in 1973.
    As I recall, The 1st Marine Division started leaving RVN in earlyto mid 1970 and completed by early 1971.

  21. May of 71′ was when the 5th Marines pulled out.

    Hmmm…. we seem to be running out of Marine units in Vietnam past 73.

  22. I’m sure it is easy enough to check US military records. I want him to be a Vietnam or Vietnam era vet. But if not, he needs to stop claiming this. Check via or other resources.

  23. Just maybe he served in the same combat unit as that beady eyed commie senator from Connect E Cut Blumenturd!

    Either way I’ll bet the left has their crew busy phonying up a DD214 as we speak, they’ll probably use the same person the did o’fekkin’Bama’s birth certificate.

  24. “He raised a wooden staff adorned with nine eagle feathers in the air as he addressed his security team, volunteers who had stepped back into familiar roles guarding gates at camp. They were outfitted in head-to-toe camouflage, masked by bandanas printed with the word Resist, and bearing walkie-talkies. “I have a relative here who said he’d lead the way and scout ahead for us,” Phillips continued, his voice breaking. “You know, I’m from Vietnam times. I’m what they call a recon ranger. That was my role. So I thank you for taking that point position for me.” – at Standing Rock two years ago.

    He really does need to clarify. Are not rangers in the Army??? But he said he was a marine??

    Just askickin’

    Let’s see if the media goes out and ‘finds’ his fellow unit members OR maybe they will come out and defend the guy.

  25. Marine Recon Force. Or MARSOC. Or Division Recon. Or Old Timey Marine Raiders. Closet things Marines have to Special Forces.

  26. Interesting. Aaron Burr’s first site has Nathaniel Allen Phillips of Nebraska and Michigan (those I already knew) listed as being 63. Mileage varies, I know.

  27. A number of Veterans Groups who out STOLEN VALOR. FOIA request for service records have been sent out by a few of these groups. They will post his DD-214 for the world to see in a few weeks. If Mr. Phillips falsely represented himself it will exposed, if he defrauded the VA or other agencies he will be prosecuted. Sit back and wait.

  28. I lifted this from Marantha over at GLP:

    “You know, I’m from Vietnam times. I’m what they call a RECON RANGER. That was my role.” – Nathan Phillips in Vogue Magazine

    [link to (secure)]

    First off, as a US Marine myself, I can state unequivocally that NO Marine – especially a Force Reconnaissance Marine – would refer to himself as a “Recon Ranger.” The phrase is laughable, and absurd, heard only during moto runs.

    Secondly, Phillips is too young to have served in combat in Vietnam. His published age is 63-64, and he would have been 18 in 1973. This Detroit Free Press article states that “Phillips said he grew up in an abusive home, started working on construction and lumber jobs, and then joined the Marines, serving in the Vietnam War.”

    [link to (secure)]

    Let’s say that Phillips spent a year “working on construction and lumber jobs,” and joined the Marine Corps in 1974. While the Marine Corps does indeed turn out the world’s most elite warriors after 13 weeks of boot camp, it insists that its warriors be proficient killers. They don’t just send boots into combat.

    After boot camp comes Advanced Infantry Training (or ITB, Infantry Training Battalion,) which lasts for two months. After receiving his advanced training, A Marine is sent to a unit in the fleet where MORE training is conducted before a unit is considered to be “combat ready.”

    Once a Marine is established with his fleet unit, he may apply for admission to a “RIP platoon,” where he may wait months for a spot to open up in the BRC (Basic Recon Course.)

    “Before 2004, all the potential recon Marine candidates were placed in Recon Indoctrination Platoons, or RIP. In RIP, the candidates are given further training in patrolling, amphibious reconnaissance, communications and land orientation which warmed-up the Marines before attending the rigorous and demanding Basic Reconnaissance Course (BRC). It was considered to be the Marines’ equivalent of [Navy SEAL’s] “Hell Week”.[2] Sometimes Marines in RIP would remain in the platoon for weeks or possibly months; until there are openings in processing for the BRC syllabus.”

    [link to (secure)]

    BRC is only the beginning for a potential Recon Marine, and the earliest Phillips could have been selected tor training was 1975. Saigon fell on April 30th, 1975.

    “The Accession Pipeline is a series of schools that the Marines attend before being assigned their designated reconnaissance MOS. It may take one or two schools, or it may take several, before they are fully qualified in their described Military Occupational Specialty or MOS. On average, it will take 1.5 to 2-years to train a fully qualified Marine Reconnaissance Operator.

    [link to (secure)]

    The EARLIEST Phillips could have been a deployable Recon Marine was 1977. There is absolutely no fucking way that this filthy, lying Shitbird was eating bugs in-country during the war. For him to represent himself as a Reconnaissance Marine during the Vietnam War is Stolen Valor, and his shame must be spread”.

    And Dats Dat…

  29. First of all, as far as Phillips, he could indeed be a Marine and a Vietnam vet.

    Marines were indeed still country in 1972. On May 22, 1972 the 9th MAB reached its maximum strength off the coast of Vietnam. It included the 31st MAU and ARG Bravo with BLT 1/9 and HMM-164, the 33rd MAU and ARG Charlie with BLT 2/4 and HMM-165, and ARG Delta with BLT 2/9.

    It was the largest concentration of amphibious forces during the Vietnam War.

    May 25, 1972: Advance units from 3/9 arrive at DaNang to provide ground security for MAG-15. 3/9, which was III MAF’s Air Contingency on 24-hour standby on Okinawa, were provided on a “temporary” basis to accommodate personnel ceilings and because “it would be good training”.

    Such wording served to avoid the appearance of “the Marines have landed” for political reasons in an election year. The assignment is referred to cryptically as “the mission”.

    Everyone of us there in 72 was a Vietnam vet, period.

    Second, I can’t say for sure what was taking place from 73-74. Because of the peace talks and release of POW’s I thought no more grunt units were allowed to be in the waters around Vietnam. If they were, then there’s a distinct possibility Phillips was in a Marine combat unit, and is a Vietnam vet.

    He’s under no obligation to prove it, but his DD-214 would have two lines, one saying he “served in Vietnam on or after 5 Aug 1964” and a second with “served in Vietnam…with the dates he was there”.

  30. From the picture of this piece of shit, it looks like Chief has been hitting the firewater real hard.
    Wish he would come up to me with his drum, he would be walking away like a crab with his drumstick up his ass.

  31. AABE

    Actually “Grunts” 0311 are/were called both “riflemen” and infantry. 55 years ago “Grad School” was named Infantry Training Regiment – ITR. 13 years ago I had a few conversations with Jarheads from the 7th Marines (Faluja) and when I mention ITR they did not know what I meant. They sure as H*ll knew Way (Hue); which did my ego good!

  32. From John: “Everyone discharged has a DD-214.
    It will tell all.”

    No, they don’t. I’ve not seen many other than mine but I assure you, they are not all inclusive. Huge swaths of what I did and where I was are NOT on my DD-214. And I was not any kind of special forces, snake eater, seconded to State or anything like that.

    My separation date is May 1984. Perhaps it’s better and more accurate and inclusive today. But I’ve found DOD and the Army in particular to be pretty nonchalant in making DD-214’s the definitive record of a service members actual activities.

  33. His age and service record are irrelevant. He has been interviewed on Inside Edition saying that the kid is lying about what happened. A man who behaves the way he did to a 14 yr old is just a bully, no matter how old he is or when or if he was in the military.

  34. Quote/ I’ve not seen many other than mine but I assure you, they are not all inclusive. end partial quire/ @Lowell

    They will have combat time and grade.
    All training and commendations are included. Particularly the dishonorable or General discharge under UCMJ code.

  35. SGT

    Recon IS SpecF! When Froggies became SEALS they adopted Force Recon training, as well as keeping FROGGY training in place!

    I had/have friend in both.

    I’m old

  36. From Collateral Justice: “All training and commendations are included.”

    Nope. My case alone 24 weeks of assorted, non MOS assigning, DOD authorized and Dept. of the Air Force and Dept. of the Army ain’t on there. I have the training certificates (Honor Grad) with dates and places and they ain’t on my DD-214.

    I have a nine month deployment shows up nowhere but pay records (TDY), nothing other than that shows the command I was assigned to.

    I did work in classified projects, but none that were to the point assignments were falsified or obscured.

    DD-214’s are not the be all, end all of service records. They are a truncated, least effort produced by folks mostly don’t give a shit.

  37. Someone posted up his info from an online background check site. Birthdate 02/22/1955 name was correct as was the town in Michigan he currently resides in, Ypsilanti.

  38. In 1972,he would have turned 17. In an interview with CBS he claimed to be in foster care at the age of 17. birthdate 02/22/1955

  39. “Since the war I’ve met enough Force Recon guys to populate Texas.”
    (The Kug (I think))

    izlamo delenda est …

  40. You will not find his military records as Chief Full of Shit was a code talker. He prevented a second attack on Pearl.

  41. Let’s get this clear. This man, under another name, enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve in 1972. He was in for four years and served in the combat hot-spots of Kansas and Nebraska. He was not a “Recon Ranger”, for one thing there never was a specific position called this in the Marine Corps, and left the Corps after those four years as a private. His file demonstrates his performance was less than exemplary. In short, he lied!

  42. Spreading the facts for everyone to see how phony this guy actually is.

    Military Record of one Nathan Phillips, (aka Nathaniel Richard Stanard/Adopted Born:Nathaniel Phillips)

    Branch of Service: US Marine Corps Reserves/ None
    Dates of Service: May 20, 1972 to Nov 3, 1972 Active Duty For
    Training August 12, 1974 To May 5, 1976 Active Duty.
    Duty Status:Discharged
    Rank/Grade: Private
    Decorations and Awards: Expert Rifle badge.

    His entire military education was “basic electrician” in the Marine Corp. He was separated from the Marine corp in El Toro, CA in 1976. His record has him down as serving in the 4th Marine Division in Topeka, KS as a rflman (for only 2 days) and then he was transferred to Lincoln, NB. While he was in NB, he served as a ReferMech (Rerfrigerator Mechaninc). In 74/75 he was at the Marine base in El Toro, CA as a (Util RefrigMan) and where he went AWOL 3 times.

    Fact Check –
    1. Was he a Vietnam Vet – NO
    2. Did he say he was a Nam Vet – Not really but he played around
    with it and by him not correcting those claims, he let the media run
    with it to beef up his story.
    3. Was he a “Recon Ranger” – No, not unless he got that training
    while he was in the brig.
    4. Was he an electrician – YES. He served state side and in a few
    reserve units.

  43. How did he get out early. Joining the reserves those days was a 6 year gig. Private after 4 years. You have screw up pretty bad not to get promoted past private. He probably was a Reefer Ranger . He is just a little fuzzy on his terminology.

  44. His DD-214 states that he was “discharged”. He was AWOL a few times, spent 2 months in the brig. During that time he all was brought up twice on charges of assault for which the plead guilty and paid fines. He escaped from the local detention center and was convicted for that. A destruction of property charge against him was dropped in August 1973. This all happened while he was in the Marines.

    He was disciplined by the Marines, demoted to Private and discharged.

    Not hardly a war hero.

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