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National Audobon Society Ruffles Feathers Among the Woke

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The National Audubon Society, one of the most powerful bird conservation groups in the country, bucked critics Wednesday and elected to keep its name despite criticism from some groups in the birding community.

CEO of the National Audubon Society Elizabeth Gray defended the decision in a press statement, explaining that the organization’s namesake, John James Audubon, was a naturalist and illustrator who made “an important contribution to the field of ornithology in the mid-19th century and there can be no doubt of the impact of his life’s work and passion for birds.” 

The decision made by the board of directors, Gray wrote, was that “the organization transcends one person’s name.” Continues

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  1. With all the crap going on, you think they’d have more important issues to be concerned about.

  2. Black people need to shut the hell up and stop whining about everything. Boo hoo. Let’s expose the truth about white slaves in Africa. More than blacks in America. And while we’re at it expose the lie about “peaceful” American indians.

  3. OK, so after Audobon drops the name and becomes “woke”, I expect thousands of black youths from the cities will be willing to give up their turf wars and drug dealing and become enthusiastic bird watchers.

    Tyrone: Look over there Bro I sees me a Yellow-bellied sap-sucker
    Deshawn: Ah see it, Bro…what are we gonna do?
    Tyrone: Shoot the motherfucker,,,watch this…BLAM BLAM,

  4. Audobon Society member, with a female birdwatcher: “Nice tits”!
    Female birdwatcher: “You sexist pig”!
    Him: “I was referencing the birds. If I was referring to you I would have complimented the ‘flat-chested sap-sucker'”.

  5. This is the same overall group that ties itself in knots to defend planned parenthood founder Margaret Sanger because she was only the product of her time in regards to racism and eugenics


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