National Embarrassment: U.S. Shot-Putter Twerks in Front of Camera After Throw

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  1. Less time worrying about your dancing & hair might have got you the gold, and you still are NOT #1 at making an ASS of yourself.

    Rapino locked up “Woke” Gold up for the USA.
    Laurel Hubbard took “Woke” Silver for New Zealand.
    I suspect that “Woke” Bronze will go to Gwen Berry who placed 11th and did not get her chance to Disgrace The USA again.

  2. You missed her protest at the medal ceremony;

    I always find this behavior reinforced; leftists are like adolescents. The Olympic committee relaxed the protesting standards, saying you can bitch at press conferences but not on the medal stand, so, being the rebels that they are, they pick the medal stand.

    Nothing will happen to her, she is black, gay, and suffers from depression. All the boxes are checked so let’s put her on a pedestal.

  3. I’m watching a female beach volleyball match between Canada and Latvia, all 4 look like VS models, sheesh, Yeah, I got stuff to do and will be leaving shortly but this sure beats watching Stuart Varney tell me why my stocks are tanking.

  4. Got an ass as big as a 2 year old performance heifer. No thanks. Leftism is a mental disorder that is confirmed daily.


  6. Oh hell naw. Haven’t watched a moment of the Wokealympics so far.
    Not gonna spoil that record with an eye watering, rabid performance by a Negress.
    Hard pass.
    How bad do you have to suck, to lose to Sweden then Canada in soccer, it’s not hockey.

  7. Thank God for Katy Ledecky, who has shown the world that American female athletes can have grace even when they don’t achieve what they wanted, and make us proud.
    She didn’t whine, or cry, or quit, and went on to set a world record in another race.

  8. Her leftism is probably a big reason she is on the “team”.
    Standards are at an all time low for behavior. It is embarrassing.

  9. It is really telling what we have seen the as concept of behavior that is well below what civilized cultures have come to accept as a standard of human dignity become normalized. The progressive movement relies on the low IQ and uncouth to respectively parrot their propaganda, and the coarsening of society to advance it’s subhuman agenda. The idea is to loser the denominator or shift the Overton Window to the point that nothing’s true and everything’s accepted.

    You get nothin’ back for all you’ve saved
    Just eternity in a spacious grave
    She said, “nothing is true, everything is permitted”

    Things just go from bad to worse
    Starts like a kiss and ends like a curse
    But nothing’s true, she said everything is permitted

    She got jewels on her tongue to time the stars
    She drives all morning in unmarked cars
    But nothing’s true, it is all permitted

    She got these special tools just to keep things tight
    They robbed her eyes long ago of light
    But nothing’s true, she told me it’s all permitted

    She got inscrutable poise and nihilist charms
    She gets her sleep through tubes in her arm
    She said nothing is true, she said everything is permitted

    She nods on graves, the marble’s cold and white,
    Her dreams surround the sun like a satellite
    She said nothin’ is true, she told me it’s all permitted

    The spiders [milk?] her thigh, it does not phase her
    She cleans her skin with a krypton laser
    Nothing is true, everything is permitted

    She got heels so high, she got a gown so thin
    Her eyes stop the whip before it tames her sin
    She says nothin’ is true, everything is permitted

    Until they perfect the techniques to clone
    You all better remember you’re all alone
    Because nothing is true, she said everything is permitted

  10. loser the denominator = lessen the denominator

    It is nihilism and it is what the “progressive” left is all about these days

    The song is the Jim Caroll Band.

  11. Only thing I have been watching is the beach volleyball.

    No Idea who wins, or the score, but it looks nice & goes well with a cold drink.

  12. The Olympics used to be about excellence. “Athletes” like the green-haired pronoun blob in the video, that are mentally ill, have criminal records or display deviant behavior should not be allowed to compete in the Olympics.
    However, this bat crap crazy behavior is allowed because lunatics and despots are in control of the 2020 Woke Olympics.

  13. …Speaking of Woke Olympics, if this lunacy continues, twerking might become a new competition for the 2024 Olympics.

  14. It does a great disservice to the hundreds of athletes competing to call this the “woke” Olympics, and I think more often then not it is being labeled that way by folks who wouldn’t be watching regardless.

    I watch a ton of Olympics, always have, and 99% of the athletes are patriots who understand discipline, hard work, and have great fondness for the nations they represent. They love their country as witnessed by their comportment on the medal stand.

    For every Megan Rapinoe there are a hundred others that view representing their country as the pinnacle of their athletic career.

    If you don’t want to watch, don’t, but you dissing real achievement and excellence does not elevate you one bit.

  15. NEWS FLASH!! Zoologists discover previously unknown species of primate!! Does ANY other primate, ANYwhere display this type of behavior? And why am I a raaaayyyycisss for asking that question!?

  16. “NEWS FLASH!! Zoologists discover previously unknown species of primate!! Does ANY other primate, ANYwhere display this type of behavior?”

    Oh, sure. Lots of primates throw shit.

  17. If you would, please don’t consider those of us commenting on the disgusting antics of these woke Olympics athletes? as “dissing” the excellence that still manages to be represented by athletes who truly have integrity and honor.

    Most of us as Olympics spectators
    have nothing but pride and jubulation for such great men and women who love representing The United States of America.
    Despite the fact patriotic athletes are not being highlighted by the Marxist media.

    It is still disconcerning to know the woke, mentally ill and deviant “athletes” get all the attention. Again, Yes – great patriotic morally and mentally sound Olympic athletes aren’t getting the credit they deserve. However, that’s the fault of leftist Big Corp. media and the Olympics promotion and marketing – which are woke.

    Also it’s a bit pompous and elitist to assume those who have a good reason to have a negative opinion of how corrupt this particular Olympics has become, haven’t watched many, many previous Olympics over the years.

    For many of us the 2020 Olympics are unwatchable because of the wokeness – not because we’re clueless or not fans of Olympics.

    So what if we let off a little steam mocking the left’s demented woke Olympic athletic warriors.

    Let’s not make assumptions about why some of us don’t watch the 2020 Olympics – some of us can’t tolerant the wokeness.
    That does NOT mean we don’t support the patriotic athletes who know the high honor of representing their country with dignity.

  18. “Despite the fact patriotic athletes are not being highlighted by the Marxist media.”

    Says who? Have you even been watching? You making this statement tells me that you haven’t been watching but have been snipping from the sidelines.

    The simple fact that you have christened these games as the “Woke” Olympics tells me you bought into a narrative that has not yet materialized. This “Twerker”, the subject of the post, has been the only example that I’ve seen of anyone injecting social justice or politics into the mix.

    TBH, given the limped dick approach the US Olympic Committee took in allowing political speech at press conferences (not on the metal stand) I worried it was going to turn into a shit show, it hasn’t happened. I’ve seen probably 50 or more athletes talking to the press after winning a medal. They have shown humility, gratitude and a love of Country. Some have even brought up their faith in God but so far none has made an ass of themselves in dissing their country.

    Yes, it’s not over and some might still get political, but so far despite the ratings, our athletes have comported themselves honorably and patriotically.

  19. More on Tamyra Mensah-Stock;

    “I surprised myself! It’s by the grace of God I’m able even to move my feet,” Mensah-Stock said. “I just leave it in his hands. And I pray that all the practice, the hell that my freaking coaches put me through, pays off. And every single time it does. And I get better and better. And it’s so weird that there’s no cap to the limit I can do. And I’m excited to see what I have next.”

    When asked by the reporter how it felt to represent her country, Mensah-Stock responded in a way that will warm every American’s heart.

    “It feels amazing,” said Mensah-Stock. “I love representing the U.S. I freaking love living there. I love it. And I’m so happy I get to represent U.S.A!”

    This lady ain’t woke.

  20. Hey Handsome Racist, you are an idiot. Did Stormfront kick you out for not paying your dues?

    I’m not big on banning, but fools like this need to shamed back into their basement with only their blow up for company.

  21. rich taylor

    The Olies are on at are house 24/7. I’m including recording time. And it’s been a really good Olympics. You’re foolish to let 8 idiots ruin the games. I wrestled through school so I try and watch what ever they will televise. Which isn’t much. That interview she gave was awesome. I hope the young lady makes some coin out of this. I had tears running down my cheeks the first time I watched it.

  22. If you’ve ever see a high school football game where one of the school’s name is MLK High School, there is a 100% chance that the cheer leaders for that team spend most of their time twerking on the sidelines. There is a 99% chance that their band is twerking while out on the field during halftime. Trust me on this!

  23. I already stated I support the patriotic Olynpic athletes. I’ve also watched some of the events that have geniune, stable wonderful athletes competing and graciously receive their well earned awards.
    I don’t need a lecture from someone who tends to arrogantly assume I haven’t seen how wonderful the majority of the American Olympic team has performed.
    Please stop wasting your time discussing this matter. I will support and adore those athletes who love the country in my own way.

    Dear Brad, thank you for being a diplomat. Thanks also for the video. I have been watch event videos of the real Olympic heros representing our country this whole time. Very aware of their greatness.

  24. Yes Brad, I’ve seen it. Very, very inspiring. There’s hope for our country with young people like her around.

  25. “I don’t need a lecture from someone who tends to arrogantly assume I haven’t seen how wonderful the majority of the American Olympic team has performed.”

    Well, you were the one that said ,“Despite the fact patriotic athletes are not being highlighted by the Marxist media.” They clearly are being highlighted and if you have been watching you would know that. But then you also said, “For many of us the 2020 Olympics are unwatchable because of the wokeness”, which implies you haven’t been watching at all. Which is it? pick one.

    And I’m still waiting for your explanation as to why you think these Olympics are corrupt.

  26. Believe what you want. If it’s so important to you to believe you’re right and have the last word, then – you do you.

    I explained why I consider the 2020 Olympics are corrupt – tranny and other unstable athletes, leftist grandstanding by athletes who should not be participating, woke commercials and hit and miss televised coverage.
    Not to mention the Covid Kabuki theatre and no spectaculars. Just not enjoyable to watch. You keep insisting I haven’t watched the 2020 Olympics – I definitely have and watched some great competition. I’m working so I can’t watch much tv right now anyway.

    BTW, I did not state ALL media was not reporting the patriotic athletes, just most of the Marxist media.

    Please stop the assumptions. Beside getting tired of this back and forth. We will never agree on this subject. Let’s bury this poor dead horse. Enjoy the rest of your summer.


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