National Nurses Union bused into #MillionStudentMarch

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  1. Far out man! All they need now is a free concert with The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and The Fish, Richie Havens etc., all the usual leftist loons playing music they can all groove to. “Wow man, it’s like it’s 1968 (or deja vu) all over again.” The last time the democraps tried this in 68 and 72 they got their ass kicked, keep it up and there’ll be a backlash far worse than what happened back then. What a bunch of deadheads and I don’t mean that in the sense of them liking the Grateful Dead. They’re what Archie Bunker used to call meatheads, dead from the neck up.

  2. These “buses” need to be intercepted with freight helicopters, carried to Arizona, and dropped into the fucking grand canyon.

  3. Nurse saved my wife’s life.
    Nurses took care of me in my hospital stays.

    But nurses are a weepy, socialist lot – even if they don’t know it, themselves.

  4. I worked with nurses for about a year and many do tend to lean socialist. I suspect it is because they are worked like dogs for poor pay and crappy hours. I have to admit that they are one profession that is getting the shaft. School teachers are treated better and have half the education. I blame the medical profession run by doctors and accountants, not society.

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