Nationals Announcer Blames Home Run Spike on Global Warming

WFB: Washington Nationals announcer F.P. Santangelo suggested during Tuesday night’s loss to the Chicago White Sox that “global warming” is contributing to the historic pace of home runs so far this season.

“I think the bats, plus the balls, plus launch angles, plus pitchers throwing hard, plus global warming is why there’s so many home runs,” Santangelo said in the fifth inning, just after White Sox rookie Eloy Jimenez hit a monster home run to centerfield.

Santangelo’s puzzling remark came in response to a comment from play-by-play announcer Bob Carpenter, who said Major League Baseball was “giving fans what they want,” likely a reference to the wide-held belief that baseballs are “juiced” this season. The record for most home runs ever in a single month was crushed in May, and players are currently on pace to shatter the record for most home runs in a season.

More likely explanations for the spike in home runs include that the ball is indeed juiced or that players have changed their approach and now swing for the fences constantly. Santangelo also believes bat makers have now “mastered” the craft and are making a stronger bat.  read more

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  1. Santangelo was making a pretty witty/sarcastic comment on global warming being blamed for EVERYTHING!….LOL!!!!….The real cause is that the pitching sucks…..Hell, the Mets and the Pirates and 90% of the other teams could switch pitching staffs just to get better room rates at Ramada Inns and nobody would care….

  2. Well, when the defense is playing the shift for damned near every at-bat, of course players are going to be swinging for the fences! I would like to know, and baseball could produce these stats, how many solo-shot HR’s have been produced while the defense played the shift. i bet it’s mind-boggling.

  3. That’s the point Bman…..The shift can be beaten if the dumbasses would learn to hit in the gap….Who was it? Maybe Wee Willy Keeler who said “Hit it where they ain’t”……could the shift work on Rod Carew, Ty Cobb, Roberto Clemente, Tony Gwynn et al…..It’s baseball…..”Let’s play two”….Earnie Banks…..

  4. Wait, what? Global warming is causing baseballs to fly out of fair field? Oh! the tragedy!

  5. Because the science is settled that steroids and growth hormone don’t affect strength.

  6. I haven’t paid much attention to baseball over the last several years, but in the late 90’s early 2000 time frame I correctly prognosticated (against the opinions of other fans that I knew) that not only were the balls juiced, but the players were too (Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, etc.) based on my many years of playing baseball.

    If the same thing is going on now, the balls are probably juiced and the players have likely found a way around the testing protocols for performance enhancing drugs – maybe with the owner’s approval to offset the decline in paying customers to watch baseball games.

    Sadly, it ain’t the same game (or not the same players with only natural ability) that Ruth, Cobb, Dimaggio and Mantle played as much as we would like it to be.

    I truly miss ol’ time baseball played by people that did it for the enjoyment of the game (as well as the much smaller paycheck that went with it in those days).


    If they keep going, they’ll eventually find an issue you care about, and we be part of the Global Warming alarmists.

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  8. Global warming must be the reason for the good economy too.
    Or is it just that it took ten years for the Obama/Biden economic policies to take effect.
    After all they sure like to take credit for it.

  9. If the “climate emergency” (Please keep up with the latest propaganda word) causes mass migration, surely this is a good thing according to “progressives”, no?

  10. FP is a mouthy cuck and I am surprised Bob doesn’t knock him out! That stated, I am sure he was being sarcastic.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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