Nation’s largest teacher union appears to scrub pro-critical race theory statements from its website – IOTW Report

Nation’s largest teacher union appears to scrub pro-critical race theory statements from its website

JustTheNews: The nation’s largest teachers union appeared to delete parts of its website content on Tuesday, in portions that outlined agenda items pushing critical race theory in schools.

Jesica Anderson, the executive director of Heritage Action, the conservative grassroots organization, tweeted a screen-grab Tuesday of the National Education Association’s website, showing pages were taken off that previously announced the group’s campaign to push critical race theory.

Anderson and American author and critic James Lindsay tweeted archived links from the union’s site. The pages were allegedly taken down three days after the conclusion of the NEA’s annual meeting.

In a page called New “Business Item A,” NEA asked for an increase to their budget by an additional $675,252 to establish “a task force that identifies the criteria for safe, just, and equitable schools, including exploring the role of law enforcement in education.” more here

10 Comments on Nation’s largest teacher union appears to scrub pro-critical race theory statements from its website

  1. But they will still teach it behind your back under a different name.

    Most of my friends became teachers and are closing in on retirement. They give me the real truth. “We spend all of our time on Bullshit and the kids can’t read” (exact quote from an inner city teacher)

    He is a big proponent of trades but politically everyone has to go to university to get a degree.

  2. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Don’t care what the Teachers’ Unions say (or don’t say) on their websites. Actions speak louder (etc).

  3. Long term, oh hell, short term, this is a major threat and has to be stopped no matter how many communists need to die. What Black Parent wants their kids taught they are inferior. This needs to be stopped. Thanks George, you asshole.

  4. Too much light on the cockroaches so they go into the shadows. But they are still cockroaches. Conservatives need to be taught what to look for in the budgets and curriculum of their local school districts to see that critical race theory and 1619 crap isn’t being taught behind their backs.

  5. Live stream all classrooms for parents to monitor. Those teaching communist thought should be removed from teaching.

  6. Black parents don’t GAF (apparently).
    Back in the 50s they were told their kids would get smarter just by sitting next to white chillens. They swallowed it all.
    Today, 70 yrs. later, they’re swallowing the same swill.

    When a “problem” (of a political or social nature) persists for 70 years, it’s by design – no one has any intention of “fixing” it – the parents, the teachers, or the politicians.

    And now it’s metastasized into every schoolhouse in America. We churn out ignorant, preening, high-self-esteemed sophomorons by the thousands and then send them to colleges to pay for useless degrees – the costs which, ultimately, are picked up by the taxpayers.

    izlamo delenda est …


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