NATO blinks and pledges to boost defense spending after stern words from Trump

Trump understands how powerful we are on the world stage and has put America first.

Isn’t it a pleasure to have a president fighting for our interests? I know I’m enjoying it- even more so knowing the left wrings their hands and bites the pillow at the thought that we are Making America Great Again.


NATO leaders pledged their “unwavering commitment” to boost defense spending on Wednesday, following stern words from President Trump criticizing European leaders for spending too little.

The U.S. and European allies signed a declaration stating they are “committed to improving the balance of sharing the costs and responsibilities of alliance membership.”

The declaration comes after confrontational and testy discussions between Trump and other NATO leaders.

Since the election, Trump has criticized NATO countries for not paying their fair share, while suggesting he would only come to the defense of NATO nations that fulfilled their financial obligation.




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  1. So does this mean Paul Ryan and John Kerry will apologize for their remarks this morning and STFU from now on? I didn’t think so.

  2. Some must push and some must pull but everyone gets out of the F’ing cart and we will march up the hill. Winning? Oh yes we can, strike that, oh yes we ARE.

    Thank you POTUS Trump, may I have another.

  3. Don’t y’all thank God every morning that HILLARY IS NATCHO PRESIDENT?

    If not, y’all should. MAGA< MAGA< MAGA!


  4. So much better than the old, I do believe that at some point, you’ve earned your fair share.

    Isn’t it great to have decisions made on necessity rather than what some gay goof on CNN polls.

  5. They know that President Trump is a doer. He could have caused their shell game to explode.
    European “leaders” know now who is in charge. By saying he would not come to the aid of the fiscally deficient, scared the crap out of them. Walk softly, carry a BIG stick, personified in President Donald J. Trump!

  6. This past weekend TCM ran a 1933 film starring John Huston as a dishonest man elected to the presidency, “Gabriel Over The White House.” Early in the movie, the President Hammon undergoes a spiritual conversion which makes him revile everything about the gov’t and he sets about taking on all its ills and the ills of the world. The film is pretty interesting as a propaganda piece of the FDR regime. And there is a long scene in the film in which the president meets aboard ship with the other world powers and delivers a stern dressing down for their not paying their fair (and promised) shares toward the upkeep of international security on the heels of WWI. Each one, in turn, offers their excuse for not paying their dues and President Hammon goes after them in the same way — perhaps even more pointed — than Trump went after NATO these past few days.

    If you get a chance to see it, it’s pre-code and a marvelous look inside socialist/communist-leaning Hollywood in the era.

    And now that TCM is “out of the closet”, more or less, about where they stand in politics and ideology, the host really enjoyed introducing this film. Did anyone else see Ben Mankowicz sitting in with all the Leftards on CNN on election night?

  7. A story about NATO. In 1963 the Vajont Dam broke in Langarone, Italy, wiping out an entire village of 2000 people. The US Army in Vicenza, Italy sent every piece of equipment they could spare to the site. Back Hoes, Bull dosers, etc. I was part of the escort as an MP. There were Italian Carabinieries (sp) also on the escort. The US Army guys worked their asses of for days removing earth and recovering bodies. It was horrible. Then the Italian government sent a bill to the US Army for their Carabinieri escort.. I kid you not. My First Sergeant showed me the “Request for Payment.”
    Trump is so right, phuck these so called allies.

  8. @MT – “In 1963 the Vajont Dam broke in Langarone, Italy, wiping out an entire village of 2000 people…” I cannot remember why I am familiar with the story about the Vajont Dam wiping out an entire village. Maybe some time in the recent past there was a post about it on iotwR .

    I had to look up “Carabinieri” to know for certain what they are. Interestingly the top suggested search phrase was – Carabinieri jokes. Seems they have a long tradition. The jokes are even posted on the official Carabinieri website according to one website I read .

    I hope the US military refused to pay the Carabinieri invoice & made it clear to never send another one.

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