Navy says American sailors blabbed to Iranian captors

NYP: The US sailors who were detained by the Iranian navy last winterprovided their name, rank and serial numbers — and pretty much everything else their captors demanded, the US Navy said in a blistering report Thursday.

The 10 crew members, captured at gunpoint in the Persian Gulf on Jan. 12 by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, improperly revealed passwords for laptops and cellphones and even sensitive technical details about their two ships, including their top speed, capabilities and missions, the report said.

“It is clear that some, if not all, crew members provided at least some information to interrogators beyond name, rank, service number and date of birth,” the report said.   read more

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  1. This whole event stinks. How can the most powerful Navy on the planet (well at least before ofukinbama) allow that shit to happen in the first place? I was in Japan when the Pueblo was taken in early 68. But in this case we had assets that out gunned the raghead navy. WTF?

  2. think about it

    carter, clinton, obama

    they neutered our military and killed the morale, and bad things happened

    under reagan, entirely opposite effect


    John Kerry apologised to them, FOR THIS?! John Kerry thanked the Iranian savages for what he referred to as, their appropriate response. Attributing, what he considered a win, to diplomacy—Dhimmi Diplomacy.

    A Navy Commander apologised as well, which is another example of our promised fundamental transformation. Those lowlifes put the female of the group into a hijab. This is allowed now by an American hating administration focused on getting grown men to share a bathroom used by little girls.

    So, instead of strengthening our military, were social engineering and gutting our military. Less is going into our National Defense, unless you count Recruiting Trannys. This will benefit us how?

  4. Better to go down fighting like real sailors than turn into a bunch of quivering, simpering pussies. You know, at one time, Marines were posted on ships to prevent desertion of one’s post in combat. Maybe a couple of armed Marines could’ve put some spinal starch into these pathetic semen [sic].

  5. The officers had no mettle. It’s a sad day. All this political correctness, quotas for minorities and women in the Academies is taking it’s toll.

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