Navy to Name Ship After Gay Rights Activist Harvey Milk

“All Hands On Dick.”

“Fun Fact: The Ship Will Be Filled With Less Seamen Than Harvey.”

Okay, I’ll stop now.

USNI: The Navy is set to name a ship after the gay rights icon and San Francisco politician Harvey Milk, according to a Congressional notification obtained by USNI News.

The July 14, 2016 notification, signed by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, indicated he intended to name a planned Military Sealift Command fleet oiler USNS Harvey Milk (T-AO-206). The ship would be the second of the John Lewis-class oilers being built by General Dynamics NASSCO in San Diego, Calif.

The Secretary of the Navy’s office is deferring releasing additional information until the naming announcement, a Navy official told USNI News on Thursday.

Mabus has said the John Lewis-class – named after civil rights activist and congressman Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) – would be named after civil rights leaders.

Other names in the class include former Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren whose court ruled to desegregate U.S. schools, former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, women’s right activist Lucy Stone and abolitionist and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth.  MORE

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  1. An Oiler. That’s a ship that ingests other ships with fluid, right? Is this usually done from behind?

  2. A little off topic: When I was building our house in the country, I would drive past the little town of Seaman, OH. On my way home I would usually call Mrs. M and tell her I was passing Seaman. She would reply, “You’d better be alone”

  3. Obama’s accomplishments:

    *Boys can now use female locker rooms
    *The Navy is going to name a ship after a gay man

    The left, sniff-sniff, must be so proud.

  4. An oiler……how appropriate. I’ll bet it’ll look just smashing all oiled up and posing for someone to fill ‘er up!

  5. Can’t recall which carrier it was…the Kennedy, maybe…but back in the 80s one of them had the fleetwide nickname “The African Queen.” Senior enlisted and officers, dead serious, said smaller guys should never go somewhere unfamiliar onboard without a dogging wrench. Dark complected sodomites, you know.

  6. I got on the Navy site that announced this. Everyone, including me, had their comments deleted by the moderator when they said anything negative or factual about Milk.
    He was no hero. He was killed during an attack on someone else.

    Political correctness is an infection.

  7. “Avast, mateys, batten down the hatches … there’s a cornholer a’blowin!”

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Looks like the libs have their very own service fleet going there. Funny how you seem to see more politicians than heroes names painted on the fantails of ships these days. First they came for the post offices, but I didn’t use snail mail… Robt Byrd syndrome writ large.

  9. “Captain, I regret to report that every one of the mess stewards engages in anal sex.”

    “That’s unacceptable, First Officer. How did you find out?”

    “I could taste shit on the dick of each and every one, sir.”

    (paraphrased from old Royal Navy joke)

  10. The USS:
    And it will have a detachment of Rump Rangers aboard, armed with semi automatic dildos!

  11. Dammit this just fucking pisses me off. This is NOT the U.S. Navy I was in. Fucking liberals fuck up everything they touch. 😡

  12. There was an underground comic back in the early 70’s with a story about a Capt. Pissgums and his pervert pecker packers. It’a highly ironic that underground comics mirrored what the future would look like in Libtardia. I think these made up semen should be the first and only crew of this ship and they can scuttle it on its initial sea trials.

  13. Can you imagine what this will do to navy recruiting? Good luck with that.

    And if you screw up, going before the Captain’s Mast will have a whole new meaning.

  14. I actually went to the infamous Bottoms Up Club in Hong Kong (it’s actually on the Chinese side of Hong Kong closer to Macau) in the spring of 1974 when the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 had a port of call there. The Bottoms Up Club was used in a scene of a James Bond movie, The Man With A Golden Gun.

  15. It’s one Alinsky tactic after another. They are trying to make U.S. citizens feel subdued. They want us to surrender or rise up so they can turn a newly designed fag military against the citizens.
    Their piece of the pie will never be big enough to satisfy them.
    Makes me sick, but they will have to kill me because I do not surrender. And I hope there are enough people willing to fight the bastards and win America back when that happens.

  16. Grool, we have to find a way to undo them. Something has to change with that. It’s like a snowball effect, just keeps getting bigger and bigger as the damn thing rolls downhill, picking up more regulations, unconstitutional laws, mandates, …

  17. Sometimes I wonder if the Navy still makes you squeeze up real tight to the guy in front of you in the chow line while in Boot camp like they did with us on Worm Island in San Diego back in the fall of 1972. I can still hear the drill insructors saying, “Nut to butt, make the guy in front of you smile.” Anyone else remember that?

  18. WTF
    The CPUSA agenda proceeds without hinderance. Obola screws up another age-old once-valuable institution. And we do absolutely NOTHING.

    Since when was it OK for parasite politicians to name buildings, ships, etc after themselves when the M-Fers only know how to steal from the nation. They contribute nothing, especially when they won’t even honor the laws that they themselves write.

    F#^$ them. Name the next ship RuPaul

  19. “The cabin boy, the cabin boy,
    The dirty little nipper!
    He lined his ass with broken glass,
    And circumcised the Skipper.”

    (Hadn’t thought of that one since grade school…)


  20. The next garbage scow should be named the USS Barack H. Obama just because. It will be affectionately known as the BO, the stinkiest, smelliest, shittiest ship in the entire fleet. And it be will be manned by all the fuckups, malcontents, skates etc. the Navy shitcans to TAD duty.

  21. MJA – the ship will spend a lot of time in shallow water, so won’t be called the Dutch Rudder, but(t) will be called the Muddy Rudder.

  22. oh, man, look at the size of that torpedo

    Steer for it young man, straight away if you please.

  23. As Admiral Faggarut would say, “Damn, look at those flesh torpedoes! Full speed astern, boys!”

  24. When the Navy started this kind of crap, I scraped the US Navy Veteran stickers off the back window of my truck. By the same token, I took down my American Flag when 0bama was elected. I will not fly it until things are made right.

  25. The USS Harvey Milk will be ordered to stay close to shore, lest they be boarded and humiliated by muslim fishermen. “The Fighting Sullivans” must be crying in their graves.

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