Navy veteran Joe Collins is Running to Unseat Maxine Waters

Navy veteran Joe Collins is from South Central LA and wants to end Maxine Waters’ run as Rep from District 43. What does he offer? Why is he the right guy?


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  1. no chance, she’s rooted deeper than a mississippi tick on a blood hound

    she will never enter a debate with him

    she’s unarmed in the brains department

    “peach 45”

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    Yeah? Describe ravaging because deaths and death rates are plummeting
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  3. Joe Collins might be complete scoundrel but that district would still be better served than it is now with Maxipad. Sic her Joe!!!

  4. If anyone is interested or even bothered to read it, Joe’s bio about his time in the Navy pointed out that:

    “It was in the Navy that hoes proved his mettle.”

    I know it’s a typo but still.

  5. I hate to say it, but the only one who can unseat Maxine Waters is the one who unseated Elijah Cummings.

  6. He seems like a well-spoken young man and if he can get the whites (15%), some of the blacks (24%), a majority of the asians (13%) and can make a breakthrough on the largest group, the hispanics (46%) he could just do it. She won’t debate him that’s for sure but that should not stop him from debating her (picture a empty chair, a broom and a huge hat) on the issues and on her lack of attention to the district. While the corrupt Dems in CA 43 will do the dirty they haven’t had much practice lately as they haven’t had to so their game may not be up to it.

  7. The grandparents that did not live in NoCal 100 years ago lived in SoCal. That district was Dem when it was white 100 years ago.

    60 years ago I fund a very effective way to get tick of bird dogs. Smoke a cig for a few puffs; then put the fire end of the cig on the tick Never had a tick not drop in more than 25 seconds, sometimes in only 2!

    Cigarettes are why I am pushing 80!

    My SoCal Grandad did 3 packs a day starting at 15. At 85 He reroofed his house. Pushed a tar mop around the roof fo 5 min. Smoke. Push tar mop 5 min,smoke. At 85. I knew guys my age who could not push a tar mop 5 min, let alone probably 75 or 80 min a day for a week! Gump put away 2 packs while on the roof! AT 85! He, as all the men in my clan, was a Dem!

  8. i understand he has changed parties a few times now and just last year he was a Trump hater from a “Green Party”. I would look at him real close before declaring him to be “Republican”!

  9. Hey, he may not win but it’s a good sign that there are so many black Republicans running this year. Maybe the black monolithic Dim support might just be wavering some.


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