Navy veteran released from Iran praises Trump for ‘making America great again’

Wa Examiner: Retired Navy veteran Michael White, who was incarcerated in Iran for approximately two years, issued high praises for President Trump after his release.

On Thursday, White, a 48-year-old cancer patient, said his health has improved since being released from Iran and thanked Trump for his actions to “make America great again.”

“I do want to extend my personal thanks to President Trump for his efforts both diplomatically and otherwise to making America great again. And I look forward to what’s going to happen here in the future,” White said.

White said his condition has improved since being released, though noting he contracted COVID-19 while in Iran prior to being placed on furlough. “Getting a lot better as a result of Swiss Embassy and all the efforts of the Trump administration,” he said. more

5 Comments on Navy veteran released from Iran praises Trump for ‘making America great again’

  1. Meanwhile the streets are filled with idiots carping about the death of a career criminal who’s endless funeral processions would make MLK feel shortchanged.

  2. Another great story that the MSM will either ignore or distort to make President trump look bad.

  3. he’d prolly have better job opportunities in iran than here, right now. But hey, great for him getting dF out of there.

  4. It will get media coverage if Lap Dog Mattis gives an opinion that fits the narrative.

  5. OK, something ain’t right here. Why the fuk do they keep referring to him as a “Navy Veteran”…not just a normal US citizen? Ane Why the fuk was he “visiting his girlfriend” in Iran? There’s something more to this story we aren’t being told. Was he CIA? If I were to get arrested in a foreign counry (not friendly with the U.S.) they wouldn’t call me a Navy Veteran (which I am) they probably wouldn’t even give a shit about me in the first place. So WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?


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