NBC Airs Strange Pro- Abortion Revenge Plot

Like many out there, I haven’t watched a network drama in decades. According to NewsBusters, I’ve missed some pretty weird stuff lately. For example, recently a pro-abortion episode of “The Blacklist” featured a female doctor surgically impregnating male kidnap victims, by implanting uteruses that have fertilized eggs into each man.

Of course the victims were all pro-life and they were held long enough that the fetus each carried could not be legally aborted.
I’m not making this up. More 

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  1. The movie/TV fare out there for a while has been mostly garbage. Occasionally this past year, in desperation to just watch a TV show that’s not “the news”, I’ve gone looking for old fare, 20, 30 years old. What I see now, that I didn’t notice then, was the creep of leftist agenda in its (now-implemented) “milder” varieties. (By the way I cut my cable two years ago. You can get the teewee online various places, e.g. http://watchnewslive.tv/)

  2. In the next episode, these babies are born with fully automatic AR 15s in each hand. They crawl to the nearest highschool, where they start shooting students, but no students are actually harmed because the school is powered by solar power and Beto O’Rourke appears and distracts the babies by flailing his arms. The homocidal babies have a change of heart, and start stalking the hordes of billionaires trying to corner the market on sustainable cloth diapers.

    Boy, some of these scripts just write themselves.

  3. I’m a fan of “The Blacklist” series and the plots have not been overtly liberal/leftist, but last night the show jumped the shark. James Bader is Exec. Producer and usually doesn’t let his liberalism interfere with the storylines.
    He must have been pressured by feminitwits to pay homage to the death cult of abortion. Attempting to sell the lie men are persona non grada, since they don’t experience pregnancy like a woman is demented and illogical.

  4. I heard a preacher say that if God doesn’t wreck us for killing all these kids, he’s gonna have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.


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