NBC Hires “America’s Sweetheart” To Be Announcer

There are voices I do not like.

One is the up-lilt voice of vapid bubble-headed girls, where “everything becomes a question?”

Another is the croaky voice, where people intentionally fry their voices so it sounds like they just woke up. This is supposed to make them sound disinterested, but deep and artistic.

And another annoying voice is the gay voice. Not all gays have this voice, so I know it’s not necessary. I do not have anything against gay guys except that some gay guys talk like … they’re gay. Coincidentally, it’s pretty much the same voice and mannerisms transgenders use when they want to convince you they are women. So, I maintain the “gay voice” is an affectation, a put on, and it’s annoying.

You don’t see many straight guys with flaming countenance. Why is that?

Because it’s not normal speech seen in nature. It’s learned. I don’t even like when this is characterized as feminine, because that implies all women are annoying when they talk. They’re not. “Feminine” men are talking and acting more like little girls, not women.

Here’s the gay skater who’s been hired to announce. I’d have to turn the channel.

50 Comments on NBC Hires “America’s Sweetheart” To Be Announcer

  1. America’s sweetheart? What a worm. Is that the guy Sally whatshername wants to set her son up with? I don’t believe this shit!

  2. “What’s with the flamboyant shoulder shakes and eye rolls?”

    That’s a defensive move when one two many dicks are headed toward your face. So I’m told. By African Bob. LOL

  3. While we are waiting on Bob, those of us that appreciate what Q has to to say, you will find this funny. At least I did.

  4. joe6pak

    Good news. He’s moving because of security. So now the 6 digit blue code in the upper right will take you to 4chan/8chan to get their spin. Don’t listen to Alex Jones or Old Hippies on you tube. To much bull shit. The chan guys are dialed.

  5. @Bad_Brad: The fact that Africa Bob has a blowgun doesn’t mean what you think it does. In fact, he’s probably loading it up right now. You might want to invest in some kind of neck protection, and stay away from any heavily wooded or jungle-type environments, if you catch my drift.


  6. Vietvet
    Currently wearing a full faced helmet and chest protector. But now you got me freaken out about my neck. I have a roll of duck tape. I’m trying that.

  7. Evidently the members of the out-of-touch Brain Trust in NBC feel that the solution to their sagging ratings is to provide some color-coordinated rainbow commentary for their ? viewers who want to see how the sausage is made the the fudge is packed! No wonder people are leaving the Broadcasters in droves!

  8. First Olympics in years that my wife was not interested in the skating. NBC had some really bad commentators for just about every sport I watched.

  9. @ Bad Brad. The Pinoy break down dart blow guns would laugh at tape. Them darts can fuck you up.

    I’ll ask a buddy how much a good kit is. I’ve only seen them as military gifts.

  10. The croaky voice is the same voice that methadone users get when they get their shots then go drinking.
    One of my kids knew some heroin addicts who were getting methodone and she told me about it when I complained about the sound.
    Why would you want to sound like that on purpose?

  11. The only part of the winter Olympics that interests me is the women’s figure skating and NBC’s segment opener with that fruit narrating turned me off from the git-go.
    “Winter sports” here in Florida consists of dodging drivers from Massachusetts and Michigan.

  12. He did the “uptalk” higher-pitch ending twice. This affectation makes statements sound like questions to soften their sincerity. What really gets to me, like fingernails on the blackboard, is that tiny tongue suck sound just before his last sentence. No one should do that, male or female. I’ve heard that sound in so many meetings I just want to hand the person some dental floss and tell them to get whatever it is out from between their teeth and stop making that disgusting sound.

  13. More like “America’s Fudgepacker”

    And like you BFH, I have nothing against gays either. It’s just the lusty man butt love I find disgusting. But hey. They hate vaginas so…

  14. No Thanks February 19, 2018 at 1:38 am

    I don’t have a tv so I miss the gaying of America
    I don’t have a TV either and don’t want one. I expect to be hearing about Rippon (rip one on) and his blow by blow medical procedures for his AIDS, Hepatitis, Gonorrhea, anus reconstruction, and oral cancer. He won’t be shaking his shoulders or lisping too much after being sent to an early grave. His bragging days are over sweetheart.

  15. A number of TV ads are now using in-your-face, clearly homo- sounding male voice overs.
    Even though the warped media culture would scream about gay stereotypes they employ them as a “take this, flyover rubes” assault weapon.

  16. What a little cliche. NBC is desperate to boost up the ratings so why not hire the lisping little drama queen that will no doubt say something inappropriate on air and then get fired.


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