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NBC New Year’s Eve coverage was classless

Breitbart: NBC has drawn a firestorm of criticism after its New Year’s Eve broadcast featured model Chrissy Teigen discussing “vaginal steaming” on live television, leaving some viewers disgusted and outraged over the inappropriate rant.

Hordes of angry viewers took to Twitter to express their dismay over NBC’s coverage as Chrissy Teigen discussed the so-called age-old cleansing remedy in New York City’s Times Square, with some labeling the broadcast a “train-wreck,” while others demanded apologies. more

Oh, and there was the whole not showing the ball drop thing…


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  1. The left is cheap, crass and tawdry, what area you going to tell me next: The sun will come up in the east tomorrow?

  2. 1/1/2020 – Anderson Copoper demonstrating penile / testicular / anal steaming while shooting tequila.

  3. Defining deviancy down. They are showing us who they really are. Nothing they do surprises me anymore. I’m glad to hear that people are still sane enough to be shocked and appalled. When will they get to the point that they stop watching??? I “dropped the ball“ on NBC a long time ago.
    As far as I’m concerned, one of the very best things about our VSG President is his ability to bring out peoples TRUE COLORS. Which usually turn out to be black and filthy. I want my rainbow back!

  4. Next year will feature John Legend applying his man meringue to Teigen’s pie face.

    It’s always about them. No event can ever be allowed to be about anyone or anything else.

  5. Almost like 2017

    Anyone remember / have / repost BullPen 01-01-17:

    Those pics are priceless.
    Anyone remember?
    Lockup Indiana

  6. Dearie, no matter how hard you try, applying that mask will never make your face look as good as your lady part.

  7. They seem to enjoy nothing more than shocking the public by crossing bounds of decency. Their openly homosexual and lesbian news anchors are all part of it.
    “Get the public used to it and when they are push even more to the fringe”

  8. That must be one stank ass cooch if the tramp has to steam clean it. She needs to get this sorted out with a gynecologist then get right with God.

  9. Let her try it with real steam – 212 F at sea level.
    She’s talking shit.

    Steamed Shrimp – Raw Oysters!

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. I left the Dusk to Dawn marathon on that the OTA POS channel ran.
    Dick Clark is really dead!
    Shame NBC being owned by Comcast still has never gotten the memo or email.

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