NBC News Contributor, Who Shared His Fight With Coronavirus For Weeks, Never Tested Positive For COVID-19

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NBC News spent weeks documenting its science contributor’s battle with COVID-19, but now he admits that he never tested positive for it.

Dr. Joseph Fair, a virologist, believed he had the virus and appeared on air numerous times to discuss his struggle with illness in May and June. On Tuesday, Fair admitted that he tested negative for the virus multiple times but had originally believed he had it regardless. Fair also tested negative upon taking an antibody test. More

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  1. …as I said on another thread, all I need is the single pic in the GP article to tell me guy is not only a liar, but SUCKS at it.

    THIS image:


    …That so-called “oxygen tube” is a nasal cannula, possibly the most unserious of oxygen delivery devices. You can get, at best, a couple litres of 02 through it so you’re not getting a ton of supplemental oxygen to begin with, plus you don’t get ANY if you don’t breathe through your NOSE.

    People fighting for air aren’t gasping through their nose.

    This has a place with COPD sufferes and the like, where people just need a bit more to get their old, abused lungs through the day, but in emergent patients it’s kind of oxygen tokenism, more of a calming placebo effect than something that’s going to tip the scales between life and death, and certainly not what you’d be using for a severe respiratory crisis patient gasping his last as his Sp02 winds down and he’s getting too tired to breathe on his own.

    This guy probably doesn’t even have the oxygen ON.

    Can’t even say nice try. That one pic says it all.


  2. Oh, but he has such a trustful face…

    …not any more.

    “…’cause he ain’t worth puss in meatspace.”

    FIFY Odin 2013

    And neither is NBC.

  3. I feel like a broken record, but I don’t give an ounce of credibility to ANYTHING that comes out of NBC or their rat-bastard child MSNBC!

  4. I’m sure he was included in the case count of those that have caught it, but was he removed from it when it was shown he didn’t?

  5. Probably just another liberal pussy looking for attention. If he were a Marine and went to sick call and told the Corpsman “I think I have the RONA shit Doc!”
    Standard Corpsman reply…”Take some Motrin, drink lots of water, and CHANGE YOUR FUKIN’ SOCKS!” “Suck it up Marine!”

  6. I suspect if menstrual cramps were suddenly deemed a pandemic, Dr Fair would assert he suffered from that as well.

  7. Well it’s not coronovirus. It’s an undiagnosed mystery, he says.

    I can diagnose you sight unseen doc. You’re a mental case who thrives on attention.

    That’ll be $300.

  8. …not to wear it out, but I did notice something else in the “oxygen tube” picture.

    Where the hell is the tube GOING?

    At first, I thought it was just pulled up to the side, maybe in some sheets, but finding its way to an oxygen source; but no, you can see it running through his beard and apparently cinched under his neck, and never ever making an appearance in the wall behind him.

    Most hospital beds, even in general wards and EDs, line up with a wall that has ports for access to house oxygen, vacuum, air, and whatever else they think appropriate for the type of ward, right behind the headboard. Yes the bed can have an oxygen cylinder fitted or it can be on a mobile cart, but if your patient is recuperating quietly in their bed and has been for awhile, why WOULD you?

    …also don’t see any moisture around his nostrils or in his ‘stache, if he WERE a long-term o2 user you’d humidify the oxygen because it’s crazy dry, and if you had your patient using even a cannula for a long time without a bubbler, the membranes in their nose will dry out, crack, and bleed, and I don’t see THAT, neither…


    …I don’t think he even has any ON. Probably CAN’T.

    …because medicinal, non-homeopathic 100% oxygen tequires a PRESCRIPTION, and you’d get in TROUBLE administering it to a HEALTHY person…

  9. Doc
    JULY 11, 2020 AT 2:09 PM

    …I once read of a ship’s Chaplain complaining of the ship’s store selling condoms as it would incite the men to dip their wicks, but the Captain argued with him that the condoms were REALLY for storing your socks in to keep them dry in the understandably damp climate of a ship at sea, and presented a pair of socks from his chest nicely done up in a stretchy rubber covering.

    I’ve never been on a ship at sea, Doc, so I ask you that, given the Marine obession with foot care you just brought up…is this story even plausible?

    …just curious…

  10. Immortal Fish – NBC is also the home of the rigged exploding Chevy pickup trucks! Talk about Fake Newz, it’s enough to make yer head explode too!

  11. SNS

    I wouldn’t have a clue about that story since I’ve never served onboard a ship, the closest I got to water in my Naval career was stomping through rice paddies with the Grunts! And as for the socks, our method of drying them was to wear them on our shoulders under our flack jackets to dry them with our body heat!

  12. When you’re in a wet environment for so long without proper foot care it could be just as painful as being wounded! Think back to WWI where the term TRENCH FOOT came from standing in water all day in the trenches. In our day it was called Jungle Rot and I’ve had to medivac some of my Marines because of it!

    That is the source for the long standing joke in the Corps about changing your socks…it can be like a miracle cure! 🙂

  13. SNS – Ford Pintos didnt need to be rigged to explode. NBC actually rigged a Chevy PU with incendary devices to simulate what would happen in a side impact and GM sued them for it.

  14. ….I know, I took my driver’s test in my friend’s mom’s Ford Pinto since it was the smallest thing I could find to make the maneuverability test easier (and no, I mean absolutely NO, “Mrs. Robinson” action, I wasn’t into short hair and she wasn’t into acne), but they weren’t NEARLY as boomey as the ever-hysterical press made them out to be, either, PLUS a Pinto WAS a small horse so you could tell your dating prospects you’d pick them up in your “Pony Car” and the misunderstanding would be on THEM, you could tell yourself as you drove home alone playing “Suicide Solution” and “Can’t You See?” On the 8-Track…

    “WINE IS FINE BUT liquor’s quick…(bzzzCLICK!) …ine is FINE BUT LIQUOR’S QUICKER….”

  15. SNS TRF

    I knew a very sweet young lady who worked for me as a Kelly Girl Temp and had landed a real good paying job as a “Girl Friday” she was out running errands in a company car (pinto) when two drunk redneck assholes hit her in the rearend and she burned to death it that fukin’ car. And those assholes got off with a slap on the wrist for DUI at 10 a.m. I had just seen her a week before in a store and she was so excited telling me about her new job. I still cry for her to this day.

  16. Doc
    JULY 11, 2020 AT 8:13 PM

    …sorry, Doc, didn’t mean to bring up bad memories. Not mocking people who actually died that way, just saying they didn’t all do that.

    Funny how some deaths stick with you, isn’t it? God bless you for still having a sensitive side and honoring her memory.


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