NBC’s Katy Tur says Pennsylvania Trump Rally is “one of the biggest I’ve ever seen”

Milne News: Once again thousands stood outside in the rain to see President Trump in Hershey, Pennsylvania for a rally on Tuesday and NBC’s Katy Tur was gobsmacked at the attendance.

NBC’s far-left anchor Katy Tur was caught on camera telling her colleagues that President Trump’s rally in  Hershey, Pennsylvania was “One of the biggest rallies I’ve ever seen!” more

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  1. Don Trump Jr held a book signing (Triggered) at a Costco here in AZ. THOUSANDS of people showed up for that, so many that even if you had tickets, you may not have been allowed in. And that wasn’t even the President.

    The Dems can’t even pack a lunch, let alone a stadium. 2020 will be interesting.

  2. Do you remember this. . .

    Adam Schiff, with malice aforethought, intentionally lied and read a Hollywood Script into the Official Record and then called it a Parody.

    No, Adam.
    It’s not Parody. It’s Macaroni.
    . . .and you are going to pay for it Adam.

    Oh, PS. . . You too Nancy.

  3. All those racist deplorables in one place! The Hershey Highway leading to the fudge factory was packed! Somebody call Booty gig to relieve that backup.

  4. In order to avoid triggered temper tantrums in long lines, the polls will be open one extra day for democrat votes on Wednesday in November.

  5. I drove right by Hershey last night, not knowing about the rally. The wind and rain were no joke, but STILL we showed up in huge numbers to support our President and our agenda!! Make America Great Again! Let’s use Keep America Great as our slogan once the swamp is drained, and the guilty are actually punished. I can’t wait.

  6. It’s always very telling when someone in the media who holds a negative, knee jerk view of POTUS Trump and those who support him is genuinely surprised by the consistently high number of people who will stand in line — sometimes for days — to attend his rallies, and the numbers inside and OUTSIDE those rallies. Insular much, Katy? It’s really quite pathetic to see people like her get caught out being so surprised. They are telling everyone just how ignorant they are of POTUS Trump’s popularity as well as the overwhelming sentiment of a vast number of Americans. And no matter how hard they try to diminish him and us, they’ve fail.


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