NC: Asheville Police Force Won’t Respond to Theft Calls After 84 Officers Leave Dept.

You’re on your own.


Asheville, North Carolina’s police department (APD) has seen 84 officers leave since January 2020 and is now making clear it will no longer respond to theft calls.

The Daily Mail reports the department will also forgo answering fraud and trespassing calls.

APD Police Chief David Zack cites the “protests against law enforcement” as one of the factors that led so many officers to step away from the job.

The Asheville Citizen Times notes that “the APD officer attrition rate, formerly one per month, jumped to 7.5 per month in the four months after local protests set off by Minneapolis police murdering Black resident George Floyd.” And even after the highest profile protests waned the APD continues to see an attrition rate of roughly six officers a month.

As a result, the APD now has “only 167 of its 238 sworn officer positions filled.” MORE

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  1. “…after local protests set off by Minneapolis police murdering Black resident George Floyd.”

    …you mean after George Floyd died of the Wooden Chest Syndrome that was the sequelae of the massive overdose of Fentanyl he took prior to committing a Federal crime of counterfeiting and then resisting arrest when confronted with it, where a MPD officer kneeled on his BACK as per approved training to control him and he WAS sent to medical care STILL ALIVE that couldn’t overcome his WCS and keep him alive because of his massive overdose that ultimately killed him.


  2. This is a test of reverse “broken windows” theory.

    While leftists make light of theft as a minor trifle about “material possessions”, theft hacks away at the social fabric and sows mistrust and promotes defensiveness, and dishonesty.

  3. If memory serves, Asheville’s a pretty “liberal” place and, consequently, looks forward to embracing the coming crime wave – and the criminals.

    Beautiful town.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. How does the Chamber of Commerce think about all of those blue state immigrants now? This is what they bring along with them!
    This is why nobody wants the idiots fouling the other states!

  5. …I’ve been through Ashville.

    And THROUGH it is all I EVER want to do.

    I had once thought of going to Biltmore Estates there, but no more.

    …I wonder if this means that lovely old mansion will get burned down and it’s grounds tagged for BLM and such.

    With no police response, why the hell WOULDN’T they…

  6. With “defund the police”….
    and the police pulling back on answering calls….
    They really think they’ve got a chance to take away guns…?

  7. The least they could do is drop off a collection receptacle in each neighborhood for the dead and dying thieves that have been shot.

    They still have garage collection, right?

  8. Well put another beautiful city in the shithole column. Too bad, I had several great clients there and have enjoyed Asheville many times even though it was quite liberal.

    The vibe was very similar to Boulder. As nice as it was, after a day or so, you’ve had it and are glad to be gone.

    Of course that was 20 years ago.

  9. bill
    JUNE 8, 2021 AT 9:06 AM
    “i bet the cops show up after you shoot a burglar hell bent on theft of your property.”

    …only if he’s Black…

  10. @ SNS
    JUNE 8, 2021 AT 5:45 AM
    You put into words what I was thinking when I saw what they said about George Floyd and what a model citizen he is now. He’s got to be one of the most memorialized thugs in the history of the USA?
    The violent don’t fear retribution from the law. We need LEO to do the job, but if they get to go through what they are treated like I don’t blame them for finding somewhere else to work.
    It can be very tricky to come out on top even if you are armed.
    The thugs have a lot going for them, they can choose the time and place, surprise you, overwhelm you and just in general not care. But shooting back at them is not what they expect.
    Learn to ‘not care’ back.

  11. I hope the citizens of Asheville are ready for the crime wave coming their way.

    They’re not.

    The wife and I visited the Biltmore during the first weekend in April. On the first, we drove through the downtown area and noticed a crowd gathered on the square. Someone had posted a large hand painted sign that said “TRUMP WON! OOPS! APRIL FOOLS!” Local millennials were lining up to take selfies next to it.

    They don’t realize that when you take your picture next to a joke, you become part of the punchline.

  12. …I wonder if this means that lovely old mansion will get burned down and it’s grounds tagged for BLM and such.

    You don’t have to worry about the Biltmore Mansion. The property covers 13 square miles. All roads into the property are guarded by personnel directly employed by the estate. Getting to the mansion requires a nearly 3 mile drive down a heavily wooded trail regularly frequented by bears.

  13. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    I wonder how quick the po-po will respond to corpses piling up in the streets after a botched B&E robbery?
    Oh….and if you DO happen to be involved in one of these defend-life-and-property shootouts, DON’T call the po-po. Let them find out on their own the next morning.

  14. “…set off by Minneapolis police murdering Black resident George Floyd.”

    Well, that’s certainly a load of bullshit.


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