NC Democratic Senate Nominee Promotes Coronavirus Vaccine Conspiracy Theories During Debate

Legal Insurrection-

On Monday night, Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) and his Democratic opponent Cal Cunnigham faced off in an hour-long debate. Though a wide variety of issues were discussed, the possibility that a Wuhan Coronavirus vaccine would be approved and made available before the election took center stage.

In a bizarre exchange with Tillis and moderator David Crabtree, Cunningham tried to lend credence to conspiracy theories floated by the Biden-Harris presidential ticket and other Democrats. They have suggested without evidence that President Trump has been deliberately putting pressure on scientists to skip safety protocols and approve a vaccine before Election Day.

Cunningham repeatedly insinuated in his remarks that he believed the FDA had been corrupted by “political and financial influences” that he claims “are leading to distorted decision-making in Washington”:

Historically and traditionally, I would support and have confidence in the Food and Drug Administration and the processes that they go through in order to approve a drug, but we have seen an extraordinary corruption in Washington. … I would have a lot of questions of the FDA. I think the American people have questions about the government of this country, the governance of this country right now. The senator for North Carolina would be asking questions, not only about this vaccine, but also about the underlying political and financial influences that are leading to distorted decision-making in Washington.”

When Crabtree pressed him to clarify his response, Cunningham appeared to trip over his words for a moment, stating:

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  1. Great, good luck trying to make it mandatory when you don’t even trust it. Trust the science, don’t trust the science, love the government, the government is corrupt, we need a vaccine, we can’t trust the vaccine. Whatever Trump says take the opposite position has them spinning. He says have the things he does because he knows they’ll do this.

  2. Ditto, I’m not jumping onto the vaccine bandwagon and I am surprised to see some of the reactionary responses from supposed conservatives. But suggesting that Trump is making the FDA do things it doesn’t already do is conspiracy theory – that is worth refuting.

  3. Cunnigham is outraged the FDA had been corrupted by “political and financial influences” unlike the FBI, IRS, CDC, CIA, DOJ, EPA…

  4. I will take the vaccine, whichever is first, IMMEDIATELY upon release or after 60 days of distribution, whichever comes second…

  5. I wouldn’t take the vaccine- no matter which sparkly toothed motherfucker pushes it. But not because of politics, because of I just don’t do flu/pneumo shots. Periodt. For medical reasons.

    Cunningham, like harris, is just a partisan political asshole. If it was 0bama cooking up vaccines in his kitchen, they’d both be waiting to mainline it.


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