NC Muslims rally around Muslim who admitted plot to behead witnesses – IOTW Report

NC Muslims rally around Muslim who admitted plot to behead witnesses

CreepingSharia: We see this time and time again, particularly in North Carolina. Muslims defending Muslims who plotted jihad to kill others, usually Americans. This woman was a teacher at a Montessori school of all places. Feel safer? Do her supporters make you feel safer?  more

15 Comments on NC Muslims rally around Muslim who admitted plot to behead witnesses

  1. She’s a moderate muslim. And niw would be a good time to repeat the Golden Rule of Muslims:

    A radical muslim wants to behead you. A moderate muslim wants a radical muslim to behead you.

  2. Don’t you just love the way they cite American law, when it suits them and WHAM, Muslim law to protect them when that fails. Somehow I am reminded of Flip Wilson; “THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!”

  3. Imagine the evil mind that seeks to import 100s of 1,000s of these scummy moslims and use them to seed small towns in red states across the country.

    I don’t think it’ll take us as long as it did in Sweden to start burning down facilities that accommodate these POSs.

  4. There will come a time when we will wail and gnash our teeth for seeing what was coming and doing nothing
    Multiculturalism be damned.
    There are cultures of the Human Race which simply do not deserve a place in the future of Humanity.

  5. Satan sits in every Capitol on Earth. He sits in Hollyweird. He is advisor to Presidents, Candidates, Dictators, Dickeaters, Entertainers, and especially, media moguls.

  6. The ONLY RADICAL Muslims are those who wish to co-exist, are tolerant of others and don’t try to force-feed others with their religion. According to the Koran, these Muslims are apostates who must be brought back into line or killed.

    The rest are just doing what their insane, epileptic, psychopathic prophet instructed them to do.

  7. No, they cover their wimminz like beekeepers, because their men as so sexually repressed that an ankle, lips or a forearm can drive them past the point of self-restraint.

  8. From the article: “The Facebook page “Support Nevine Elshiekh and Shkumbin (Beme) Sherifi” includes quotes from the Quran about the responsibility of Muslims to care for prisoners.”

    Prisoners being “cared for”? Someone want to send this over to ISIS? The only “care” ISIS has shown for prisoners is how best to execute them and debase their remains!

    Insanity. Pure. Insanity.

  9. No, it’s because they are all homosexuals and hate women. They also get off on torturing people and animals. They all need to be exterminated, every last one of them. Or they are going to exterminate human civilization.

  10. Ya’ll do know this story is from Feb”scary. 2012, don’t ya? But the “scary”/”sad”/”ridiculously unacceptable” thing about it is that this was the last thing that was / has been written or reported about the case to date! Who knows if Nadine and/or her boyfriend “Shoe-Bumpkin?” were just quietly released or sentenced to “time-served”, or God knows what! This story either got buried under a mountain of invisibility cloaks or dumped down the memory hole, because there is NOTHING about the trial to be found anywhere! And believe me,I’ve looked, because I know this woman. She worked in close quarters with my wife for a couple of years at least! She has held my infant children (when they were infants). I won’t say they were “friends”, because, to be honest, no one (in the little circle of hens, I mean friends, who worked together at the school) really liked her, but that was mostly because she was a snooty Progtard bitch, not because she was a muslim. My wife’s best friend at the school was a muslim (her father had converted in his youth, and raised his girls as Muslims… He was not a happy camper when she gave her heart to Jesus several years ago! However, his “commitment” to Islam thankfully didn’t extend to murdering his own (spoiled princess) daughter for apostasy) But I digress…
    Nevine ElSheiki, or as I liked to call her Nadine L. Chic, was the very definition of “moderate muslim”, if ever there was a “practicing” “moderate” Muslim! She was, or at least seemed to be, as assimilated as anyone could ask for or expect. She was 100 times more of a “model citizen” than any Obamason, or “Illegal Dreamer”, or any number of the douchnozzle White Leftists who populate the media and academia! Which can only lead to the conclusion that even the most “moderate” or even “Americanized” muslims can be “radicalized” (so to speak), and CANNOT be trusted to be loyal to the United States and to uphold the values and freedoms of the Republic against the evil murderous tyranny of the death cult of Islam!!!

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