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NE Patriots Choose To Turn Down WH Invitation


There are six players from the Super Bowl LI winning New England Patriots who have publicly proclaimed their intention to not visit the White House when invited.

I cheer their willingness to pass on this great personal honor in order to free up our very busy President from the duties of hosting.  It’s downright patriotic of them to sacrifice what might be their chance in a lifetime at a White House visit and personal meeting with the president so that he can get back to work that much sooner making America great again.





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  1. They really are Patriots. Belichick will cut them. Every player is replaceable.

  2. Good, makes it easier to know who to be a fan of. Couple of them are free agents, trade the rest to Cleveland or San Francisco.

  3. Good! We’ve had enough of their kind defiling the White House for the last eight years, anyway.

  4. You can not go if you want, but at least have a justifiable reason. Not going because you are too stupid to understand he isnt a racist isnt an excuse.

    Just dont diss the anthem or the flag.

  5. I think Howie is in good enough shape to slap the shit out of his son. I hope he does it.

  6. With their attitude, it is better that they don’t go (and good riddance)!

  7. In the big scheme of things who gives a phuck.
    Trump is president

  8. I will watch pro footballs stupidity No Fookin’ Longer.

  9. Poor poor abused underpaid overworked black athletes that have to ride Greyhound to the away games and shower in separate locker rooms and get paid starvation wages. Over .5 the NFL is black players. They live like kings. What about affirmative action? It isn’t good enough for them. How about these ungrateful punks move to Liberia and they won’t have to put up with all this horrible racism here in the US? Screw the NFL I am done with it and have cut my cable.

  10. Somebody can correct me if I’m wrong but I think Brady turned down the invitation when Obama invited the Pats to the White House. And right after that pissin and moaning about deflated footballs, which for the most part had died down, really started gathering a head of steam.

    Coincidence? Oh, no doubt! Is a similar coincidence about to happen to these players? Only if Trump is as racist as Obama.

  11. Boycott the NFL.

    National Failure League.

    … viewership declines another 40%.

  12. The needle on my givafukometer didn’t budge.

  13. Good. The black trash that was there for the past 8 years did enough damage to the country, we sure don’t need more of them in there.

  14. Now when they get their asses CUT from the team they can cry RACISM! Even the WIGGER can go!

  15. Thats Howie Longs kid? Is Howie long as ignorant as his kid?

  16. Why on earth would the citizens of this country want a bunch of football players dirtying up their White House!

  17. Blount ran 31 yards for the whole Super Bowl 51 game. I guess he started his boycott early.

  18. Charlie W, Howie is a big left winger diversity lover. He was singing Kamperdink’s praises when he was taking his knee and telling the US of A to go F itself. IMO Howie is an azz hole and can go to H. Bet yer ass he lives in an upscale elite neighborhood that is 98% white and 100% wealthy and encounters ‘diversity’ as often as I encounter shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive. Howie you are a friggin hypocrite and so is your loser left wing son. You both should be ashamed of yourselves you America haters.

  19. Atlanta almost handed them the worst beating they ever took and it was pretty well Brady that brought them back. As long as he’s going to the WH that’s probably good enough. As for the six that decided not to go that’s their decision to make just as whatever happens to them from here on career wise is also on them. I’ll bet Goodall is getting ready to support the “Democrat and Liberal Assisted Suicide Bill” that ought to be making it’s way to Congress anytime now.

  20. crooks an liars. Thats quite the left wing site.

  21. Who. Fucking. Cares. I never could understand this ridiculous, contrived play date.

  22. Vomit inducement Cont.
    As the great Ed Koch, Mayor of NYC, who incidentally took no shit from no one, used to say “nobody asked me but” Mr. President, when you have the time, no rush, when the important Affairs of State are sort of under control and Chris Wallace and his ilk gets off you ass.(?) Consider this: Say around Christmastime, invite Coach Belichick and Tom Brady for a lunch. Have them bring along three white player of their choice and three black players, articulate ones, so as to assure a nice friendly luncheon, with lots of locker room jokes and friendly ribbing. After 90 minutes or so have them escorted out of the WH and go back to work. No press allowed, let them make shit up, as the will anyway.
    Sounds harsh toward blacks? Well maybe so, but I, as a white male, 3/4 of a century old who never had a racist thought, or so I thought.
    These past eight years have been a drain on me. You see, in 1960
    at Christmastime I was thrown out of a restaurant in Augusta, Georgia because one of my soldier buddies was a Negro. I’ll never forget it. It was a horrible incident.
    After that we just had to contend with the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farachan (?) shaking down major American companies for their own benefit. But then in 2009 came the Black God. (as described by Newsweek’s Evan Thomas, “He’s like a God.”)
    Barack Husain Obama started the ball rolling with telling the world that the Grennwich (sp), Connecticut Police “acted stupidly.” in a case he knew nothing about. It was down hill from there. BHO gave birth to BLM, that is his legacy.
    These past 4 weeks have been frightening: so much hatred for President Trump. It’s unreal. So now I don’t really give a fuck
    if I insult millionaire black futbol players who act like assholes. Am I a racist? I don’t know.


  23. Hope President Trump cancels the invite/event.

  24. Trump should turn down the jersey circle-jerk show and say to the ones who show up, a free weekend trip at a Trump Resort for you and your family! Then enjoy watching the liberals vapor-lock over it. A Super Bowl win, and a show for us voters!

  25. I’m a Patriots fan and this is just dumb.
    If you don’t want to go keep your stupid mouth shut and stay home.
    Most of the players not going were recruited from losing teams. They’re ungrateful, low information brats. Some of these guys are in free agency this year too.

  26. I’m sorry they won. Cowardly assholes. Eat shit and die.

  27. I’m not sorry the Patriots won, I’m just sorry they had assholes on the team. Racist phucking assholes at that.

  28. “I’m sorry they won. Cowardly assholes. Eat shit and die.”

    This is six people out of the entire team. Let’s not over react.

  29. Also, Brady didn’t show for Obama. Good on him.

  30. Maybe they’ll stay home and beat their wives instead?

  31. Once again, this all goes back to the owners, who ARE THE employers, and the ones who ARE at fault (the employee, happens to be in the employment to play a ‘game’ and be directed by the employer, depending on the language in their contract).

    Employer: You will stand respectfully and with your hand over your heart during the National Anthem.
    Employee: I’m taking a knee as is my 1st amendment right.
    Employer: You’re fired. The first amendment protects you from the government, not from your employer while representing me. I require you to be respectful and stand as instructed, but you’re not in my employ as of this moment.

    Employee: I don’t want to go the White House.
    Employer: You’re under contract to the team. Go and be business-professional.
    Employee: I don’t want to.
    Employer: You’re fired.

    It’s that phooking simple.

  32. BigGun.
    Two Words. Players Union. The owner of that team bleeds Red White and Blue. The NFL his headed for a melt down. Next years ratings will be much worse than this years. Which pisses me off because I love watching football. I watched one quarter of football this year. The fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. The only quarter that mattered. Usually I’m glued all year long.

  33. Then the owners need to put it in their contracts. If they don’t want to sign, see’ya.

    I haven’t watched a thing since last super bowl. I’m done and I used to love it.

  34. BigGun, That was the last quarter I’ll watch. I’d rather go to the range. Besides, all my favorite athletes have done what I wanted them to do. Done with NASCAR too.

  35. Oh, you were talking about that pro football
    thingy again.

    I took a knee. Phockem.

  36. Hey Brad. Nut fer nuttin but I too only watched the last quarter. I took the Italian Gal out for dinner to a quiet Italian restaurant. No TV. Just music. I got home and watched the last five minutes of the game. It was after 9 pm here. Amazing finish. I had Falcons 0 and Patriots 0 in a pool. Next morning I checked to scores. I won the 1st Q with 0-0. 600 bucks. How ’bout dat?

  37. Next year during futboll season our Club is going to have a “designated watcher” so the rest of us can enjoy playing cards and breaking balls.

  38. Goes to show you that just because someone can throw and catch a ball doesn’t make the civilized.

    If a tribesman disrespected his chief this way he would have been killed, banished, or sold into slavery.

    Based on the behavior patterns, I’m saying the third option is likely.

  39. The lib media freaked out on Tim Thomas of the Bruins when he refused to go to the WH. Trump derangement syndrome is in full swing, surprising absolutely facking nobody.

  40. From the article . . .
    “While it used to be that going to Washington after winning a championship was mostly an a-political thing to do, Trump’s divisiveness has changed that”.
    W.T.F.??? . . Someone should ask Charlotte Wilder if she’s paid ANY attention to the ‘divisiveness’ that’s emanated from the ‘Big Eared Prick’ that has occupied the White House for the last eight years!!!

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