NEA Arranges Seat Massages For Employees

Because senseless spending of tax-payer money on progressive tripe is so stressful, the National Endowment of the Arts arranged for a masseuse to come to their Washington offices and provide seat massages late last month. 

At $20 a pop, it is unclear who paid for the 15 minute sessions.






7 Comments on NEA Arranges Seat Massages For Employees

  1. I can fully understand that the NEA employees, for that matter, most federal employees would require stress relief caused by the guilt of fleecing taxpayers. It must be very difficult knowing you’re paid well above the national average and have an excellent benefit and health insurance plan.
    My heart goes out to each and everyone of you. Stay tough.

  2. Staring at porn all day at work is not enough, so now they get lap dances, too? I feel like I’m living a “Family Guy” episode.

  3. Funny the names they have to make up for hiring strippers and sex workers. Move over Secret Service, government abuse is rampant.

  4. Oh. .. National Endowment for the “Arts”.
    At first I thought it was the National Education Association (teacher’s union).

  5. You know, I’ll bet they could hire ol Bill as a consultant to get some reeeeeal good massages. Happy ending anyone?

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