Nearly 10% of rejected mail-in ballots in Michigan primary were because ‘the voter was dead’


Several states across the nation are processing the results for primary elections and have encountered significant issues with mail-in ballots, as many had predicted would be the case.

An election in New York took six weeks to determine the winner because of flaws related to the mail-in process, and now an even more troubling issue has occurred in both Michigan and Nevada.

Officials in Michigan have reportedly rejected nearly 11,000 votes from an early August primary.  The stated reasoning for at least 846 of those rejections was because the voter was dead. more

11 Comments on Nearly 10% of rejected mail-in ballots in Michigan primary were because ‘the voter was dead’

  1. There is no evidence of fraud in mail-in votes. There is no evidence of fraud in mail-in votes. Say it with me, there is no evidence of fraud in mail-in votes.

  2. It’s a sure thing democrats will rant that forbidding the dead to vote is voter suppression. However, my view is a vote cast by the dead means a vote cast by someone still living doesn’t count.

    One needs to be careful how “every vote counts” is defined, and who is promoting the ‘every vote counts’, and ‘every vote matters’ movement. It needs to be restricted to every vote by the living counts/matters.

  3. Ha proof that there is fra…
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    – Twitter Brown Shirts

  4. Being dead never stopped the dead from voting democrat in the past, why should it in a few weeks? I’m sure the DNC isn’t bothered one bit about the prospect of dead people voting. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it deceased voting made it onto their platform.

  5. The position of the democrat party is a vote cast by the physically dead is just as good/legitimate as a vote cast by the brain dead, their base.

  6. …If they can’t win the election, they’ll steal it.

    …if they can’t steal the election, they’ll delegitimize it.

    …the one thing they WON’T do, is accept it.

    Full Civil War, November 4th at latest.

    Be prepared.

  7. Because of all the hoopla over USPS, I’ve talked to some mail carriers around here. I was told their mail count has been less since all of this shit started, but they also know mail was being held back, but not by local offices, but by the plants. Although there opinion is that it was being done because they were trying to get bail out money.
    They also all received memos from their local unions not to say they couldn’t handle mail-in ballots.
    All that I talked to also told how suddenly vacant houses that have been vacant for 4 or 5 years are suddenly getting voter registrations. Of course 90%+ mail carriers around here are conservative and registered Republicans and believe that they will use the mail to cheat and that holding mail will increase to make it look like Trump is sabotaging the mail.

    They also say this bullshit coming out by anonymous mail carriers of the post office providing masks, gloves and hand sanitizer is bullshit. None want to wear a mask and none will wear a mask, but they say not only have they not been offered any of this stuff they’ve been told the CDC and OSHA has ruled masks are dangerous in the heat so not to wear them.

    They all also said the same thing that working for USPS sucks, management sucks and how you get into management is by sucking at your job or being female, black or gay, and being all three will move you up the chain in no time. Unions are only for the carriers that suck at their job, if you’re a loser they will fight for you to keep a feather in your hat, if you do your job the unions get pissed off because you make them and the losers look bad. None of them got a vote on who the union endorsed because the first and foremost the union works for themselves, become a local Union President and you can quit your job as a carrier, start making the big bucks and drive around in brand new sports cars and never work.


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