Nearly Half of Voters Say Antifa Is a Terrorist Organization
In a tweet on Sunday, President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. would be designating the ironically-named Antifa as a terrorist organization.

Trump may run into trouble with the designation due to the decentralized nature of Antifa, and the fact that they’re a domestic organization rather than a foreign one, but he does have a plurality of agreement that the group’s actions do constitute those of a terrorist group.According to Rasmussen Reports:

  • Voters are more critical of the police response to the latest outburst of black protest nationwide but also tend to agree with President Trump that the so-called “Antifa” movement thought to be behind much of the violence should be labeled as terrorists. more

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  1. Antifa doesn’t come around my town because they’re pussies. They know we’re armed. They prey on the weak.

  2. Antifa needs a quick and thorough investigation of their hierarchy, communications and financing.
    Cut the head off the snake.

    The usual suspects will be revealed.

    Who dropped off pallets of bricks? Gallons of gasoline? Who paid for the rented the scooters that act as temporary barrycades?

    What is their communication system?

    Get on it boys and girls in law enforcement and intel.
    This isn’t organic. It’s a well organized anarchy.

  3. Also, was Ellison somehow cleared of the domestic abuse allegations from 2018? Has he stopped beating his girlfriend?

    Because the nice Minnesotans were fine with electing a woman beating, Antifa radical Muzzloid.

    Ok, found it. They declined to investigate it because the investigators had a “conflict” where they are so biased that they couldn’t be trusted to be fair. And they wouldn’t refer it outside either.

    They said it was too long ago to investigate and no police report. Kavanaugh is available for comment.

  4. A small group of them showed up in my small Arizona town, but were very well behaved. Most likely because of all of the openly carried firearms on display. They can get away with their chickenshit tactics in liberal strongholds (big cities), but they don’t get to play that shit in the small conservative towns. To butcher Robert Heinlein, “people tend to mind their manners when they realize that they may have to defend their bad manners with their lives”.

  5. I was once again being instructed to work from home tomorrow by the county I am contracted to because the Tantrumists are going to descend upon the county seat.

    Thank you.

    The roving mental patients are relieving me of the necessity of dealing with the stationary mental patients that work for the county.

    And I get paid.

    New normal. Embrace it.

    OK. I fucking hate it. But when life gives you lemons….you stay on your property and refamiliarize yourself with the proper use of your firearms. Wife too.

  6. Exactly right PHenry. For a loose organIzation, antifa seems to have well-defined corporate structure: Shipping and logistics, payroll, advertising etc. All the people who are putting their money on “informal network of lone wolves” are whistling past the graveyard. There is probably enough corporate structure to make a RICO case. In any event, Project Veritas has infiltrated antifa and the expose’ is coming very soon.

    And Robert Creamer, have you been a good boy? I doubt it.

  7. I will never forget infiltrating the Occupy event In Richmond in 2012. The predecessor of Antifa.

    I focused, not on the lemmings following the mike check stuff, but the well dressed people on cell phones on the periphery. They worked hard to not be overheard. Or photographed.

    These were the puppet masters.

    I sent photos to many asking, “do you know these people?”

    Nobody did. They don’t do media. They are anonymous.
    These are our enemies. The chanters and sign holders are useful idiots.

  8. And that black lives matters cancer: as bad as antifa.

    They want to take over and rule us. They’re doing it by intimidation. It’s amost working.

    Almost. They didn’t count on PDJT.

  9. I worked at ABC from 2005 until 2017 — and it always wobbled my mind that in editorial ABC always sang the praises of all of these domestic terrorist organizations, yet in camera were deathly afraid of them. They hired a bunch of former SAS personnel to train both the editorial staff, and ENG (I supported both as an IT/Comms dude) in riot/mob awareness/methods/safety.

  10. @anonymous Eric

    I think iotw fur and MJ can hook us up for a private discussion. I would love to swap stories and have a philosophical discussion.

    Predictably orchestrated things going on right now.
    Permission granted for iotw to give email to anon Eric.

  11. Or we can do it right here on IOTW. I’m retired.

    It always got me pissed that they extolled the virtues of scum, but the fucking second a water bottle was thrown at the Washington News Bureau the sorry motherfuckers SCREAMED to have armed security.

    They were all ducking and covering.

    Reminds me of a story. I was on the 5th floor and there was a loud percussive noise to the west of where I was. I looked into all of the south facing offices and eventually found two radio personnel on the floor with their heads covered. The south facing glass of the office was shattered, but not on the floor.

    “What the fuck are you doing?”

    “They are SHOOTING AT US! GET DOWN!”

    “Nobody is shooting at you. The fucking sunlight broke the glass. Expanded too fast.”

    This is the kind of people you are dealing with.

  12. The only time I was ever afraid was when Dave from Microwave (name changed to protect the innocent) started throwing pussy hats through the barricades. He went gorilla and was throwing them, bodily, through lines of assholes and bike barricades.

    The other Dave (yes there were two Daves) and I were trying to calm him down… “You are 90 days from full retirement! Don’t fuck it up now!”

    He grunted and threw two more of them. We all went under the barricades and went south and then west. Dave from Microwave was steamed. And that really is scary.

    But you see… I’m just a telephone man. The scariest shit I ever did (in my professional life) was push in an NT1 card and burn out every telephone on the floor.

    Dave’s rage was truly frightening.


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