Nearly Half Of Young Americans Say It’s Okay To Fire People Who Support Trump

Here’s an alternate title –

Nearly Half of Young Americans Are F*cking Idiots.

The Federalist-

Twenty-seven percent of people under 30 said they were fine with an executive being fired because he or she donated to the Joe Biden campaign. The means that of Americans under 30 years old, 73 percent think it would be wrong to fire an executive from a company for donating to the Biden campaign, while only 56 percent believe it would be wrong to do so for a Trump donation.

While this problem is most pronounced among those under 30, it isn’t exclusive to young people. Across all age ranges, 78 percent said it would be wrong to fire an executive for making a personal donation to Biden, while only 69 percent believe it’s wrong to fire one simply for being a Trump donor.

This means a remarkably high number of fellow citizens believe it’s virtuous to punish you for your personal political beliefs, even if you express them merely through one private political donation, with the loss of your family’s livelihood.

People throw the word “fascist” around today much too carelessly for it to be useful. If that word can be applied to an everyday person, however, someone who believes you should lose your job based on who you vote for is a pretty sturdy working definition. Of course, this has less to do with the names of the 2020 candidates and more to do with how an alarming number of Americans today seem to know precious little about what it means to live in a representative democracy.

This brings us to the second most disturbing revelation of this report: the declining cognitive and logical rigor of today’s youth. Would these findings have been any different if the question had been, “Would you support firing a business executive solely for holding political beliefs you disagree with?”

There is only one right answer among decent people. “Yes” and “It depends” are unacceptable. But a disturbingly high number of Americans think such a firing would be perfectly fine when triggered by specific politicians’ names.


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  1. Watch the numerous man on the street interviews and it’s easy to see the stupidity among young people is ubiquitous.
    And everyone wants them back in school, exactly where they get all the garbage pumped into them.

  2. Whelp… so much for “Standards”!
    I’m sure these sanctimonious little Assholes feel sooo proud of themselves for “taking a stand” while tromping on people’s civil and constitutional rights!!
    It’s a damn shame Stupidity isn’t painful!

  3. This is what happens when Teacher’s Union’s, Commie Pinko teacher’s and President’s like Woodrow Wilson, have for over 100 year’s brainwashed the children of this country. 🤬

  4. I’m starting to think that half of the jobs these same young liberal Americans can do, can be done better by a machine that doesn’t bitch. Let them eat ideology.

  5. So……..say, against all odds, that I, a conservative Trump supporter, manage to start a company, have it thrive and make a profit, and hire employees. And, being the good boss that I am, I roam the floors and offices, listening to the managers and employees. And I also take note of the conversations, who says what. Some managers and employees support the local, state, and federal DildoCrats (esp upChuck, Pelousi, Sanders, Hellary, O’BlowMe, and Biden’) and their SocioMarxist ideas. Therefore, I fire them (note: this all takes place in a non-union, hire/fire-at-will state, like, sayyyyyy, ohhhhh, Utah). I don’t have to give reasons, it’s an at-will state, BFYTW.

    How loud do you think these same snowflake twinks would holler, scream, shout, sue, and riot if/when it ever came out that the reason I fired these people was political?

  6. Too many people with long noses; can’t keep them out of others business,; can’t see past the end of them.
    Who’s gonna pay for your vast democrat utopian plantation if everyone who supports president Trump loses their job?


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