Need A New Workout Routine?

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  1. Micheal Moore chasing you with a pair of his dirty underwear.
    Now that’ll strike fear in anyone.

  2. grool, yeah, you’re right. That’s no where near what the Bible teaches.

    At least I didn’t capitalize it when referring to Mormans!

  3. It ain’t new. Every military service’s boot camp does the same thing with less color.

    Especially the Marines. 😉

  4. F4UCorsair, amen I remember the 1st 2-3 weeks of Navy boot camp on Worm Island in San Diego back in 1972. There’s nothing like running round the grinder carrying a damned M 1 over your head or doing jumping jacks with that M 1 till the drill instructor/company commander tells that you can quit. My 1st company commander was a sadistic bastard who eventually was relieved of duty because he carried discipline too far.

  5. I prefer ‘Badger in a Box’ fitness myself
    When you open the box the badger gets hit with amphetamine spray and an air horn goes off

  6. @gin blossom Michael Loore with an over sized fork would scare the carp out of me or a drooling Pelosi.

  7. I was hoping for a Gov. ‘Coonman’ Ralph Northam in a KKK outfit w/ a noose chasing him when he started bitching about ‘raaaasisms’

  8. F4U
    Not quite the same. the 1st week you fear the DI and his assistants (with their bats/billy clubs). but after that you fear what they can do to you – EMI Extra Military Instruction. ie after the “good men” go back to barracks the “Shitbirds” get to run a few miles, do a few sets of push ups….) EMI made me MEAN + lean!( said a lot uf bad words TO MYSELF in EMI!)

  9. @ gin: Moore would have to be in a supercharged golf cart to crack 2 mph…

    But the thought would work.

  10. @ geoff the aardvark – You had M1s? I was at Orlando in ’73 and we had 03s.



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