Needs a title

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  1. Ted Nougat NOVEMBER 15, 2019 AT 9:07 PM

    Similar, “Star faced shiff head.”

    This one’s gonna have MANY comments/replies…

  2. The Bug-Eyed Wonder … The Amazing Adam, about to demonstrate to nation his stupendous Pucker-Power!

    “… Sphincter Muscles activate!”

  3. Welcome back my friends
    To the show that never ends
    We’re so glad you could attend
    Come inside, come inside.

    Honestly. I am so over the schiff show.

  4. Adumb Shiff poses with his facial tissue. The object between his lips is not identified,
    but could be fecal in nature.

  5. Your generous donation can help a child with cleft schiff, relieving them of a lifetime of assholishness. Please give today operators are standing by


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