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“Negligent Handling of Dynamite”

USA Today

A series of explosions at a military barracks in Equatorial Guinea killed at least 20 people and wounded more than 600 others on Sunday, authorities said.

President Teodoro Obiang Nguema said in a statement read on state television that the explosion was due to the “negligent handling of dynamite” in the military barracks located in the neighborhood of Mondong Nkuantoma in Bata. He said that the explosion occurred at 4 p.m. local time.

“The impact of the explosion caused damage in almost all the houses and buildings in Bata,” the president said in the statement, which was in Spanish. More

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  1. Are there a lot of meth labs there? Just asking.

  2. I’m certainly no expert, but that sure seems like a lot of damage from dynamite.

  3. Totally not my fault. I taught Filipino Animists how to juggle C-4.
    Would never, ever teach Africans how to juggle dynamite.

    Unless I had a bullhorn and was at least 1/4 mile away.

  4. I can’t read this label. Anybody got a lighter or matches?

  5. Makes me think of a line from “Harlem Nights”

    Something about “make me nervous “

  6. We wuz killin ourselves with Dynamite when them greek homos were still livin in


  7. Takes some serious “mishandling” to get dynamite to misbehave. Takes a shit load less fucking around with it if you already fused it.

    Commercial and even more so military dynamite is like the guy nobody wants to take to the party. Slow, luggish, not interesting.

    All the initiators (blasting caps) are more like the unstable red head maniac that gets locked up every Friday night. Better be on your toes around her.

  8. Lowell
    MARCH 8, 2021 AT 7:01 PM
    “Takes some serious “mishandling” to get dynamite to misbehave.”

    ..depends on the dynamite. OLD dynamite sweats, and what it sweats is nitroglycerin, which makes it pretty unstable.


    …I remember when we had to stage our whole fire company a mile up and down a road to both block it and be poised to deal with an explosion because someone opened an abandoned storage locker, and found it full of sweaty dynamite. The bomb squad got it into their bomb mobile without incident though, I was kind of disappointed.

    …because this happened up the road a ways from us a few years before, so I was expecting big things…


  9. Dynamite in the barracks? Standard issue for military personnel there?

  10. No wonder they blew the place to hell.
    “..the explosion of high-caliber ammunition.”
    That is part of the defense ministry’s exlpanation as to
    what happened.

  11. Someone attended the “Jack Parsons Academy Of Explosives” and graduated.

  12. Equatorial Guinea has an average IQ of 59,the lowest average IQ of all countries.

  13. Didn’t Stevie Wonder just move to that vicinity? Maybe someone thought it would be funny to see what he’d do with blasting caps!

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