neil degrasse tyson = #ME²

Fox, National Geographic Investigate Neil DeGrasse Tyson Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations.

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  1. …that I once hit a girl over the head with my cast when I was 7 (not hard and because I liked her!) Got suspended from school for it, the first of many times my agression at school was rewarded with time-off at home in the afternoon cool under the willow tree!

  2. “The left’s premier pseudo scientist “grabs them by the p%ssy”.”

    ….hey, the title of “The left’s premier pseudo scientist” is ALREADY held by the quadruple-failed Engeneering ONLY grad, Bill “The Scientist” Nye, @gin blossom…

    …which may explain why lefties can’t even tell the difference between “boys” and “girls”…

    …of course, Bill is not the ladies man that Neil is, but maybe there’d be some hash tag action if they asked the BOYS that appeared on his show, ’cause you know how Democrats are…

  3. Isn’t he sposed to be fired FIRST?
    Convict before proof?

    Oh, yeah … not a white guy … or an American …

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Has Tyson ever said anything that wasn’t glib? Most scientists can’t help but blather on a technical level. But that guy can’t even do that because he really isn’t one.

    But I’ll give him a high score as a dramatist.

  5. National Geographic? He must’ve been ne-double-K byGod-id, then, eh?
    The last time I read the lib-rag NatGeo, negroes were always nekkid.

  6. If it weren’t for AA, this guy would be asking the perennial question, “do you want fries with that burger?”

  7. Seems he was exploring more than the Cosmos. He’s probably gender fluid, too. A pompous jerk who deserves being targeted by the #MeToo harpies.

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