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Neil Gorsuch Understands The Evils Of the Deep State

I’m reading an excellent book right now – “Unmasking the Administrative State” by John Marini. It explains how the other three branches of our government conspired to create a fourth branch, one not established or controlled by the constitution, what we know as bureaucratic Washington. Review Here 

Few in D.C. will admit to this arbitrary, capricious and tyrannical monstrosity.

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch recently penned an article describing three cases of administrative malfeasance by our Administrative State. Here

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  1. @AA I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now. Congress has to be forced to take back its law making power from the Administrative State.

    First, there should be a life time ban for anyone in government (elected, appointed or hired) to ever lobby or work for a company with direct business before congress.

    Once Ginsburg is gone someone needs to violate a statute and then sue the government on constitutional grounds that the agency does not have law making powers according to the constitution. Given that Gorsuch understands the deep state, Justice Thomas mentored with Marini and it seems Kavanaugh and Alito are reasonable jurist, pick a 5th one that also wants to restore congresses power (read responsibility) and we might just be on the way to getting our republic back.

    Re-elect the president and start trimming the size of all these agencies who dictate to us while we have no recourse to object.

  2. Trump was unable to seat his choice of intelligence leader, the Justice Dept. fired his pick last month, the bureaucracy is full of Obama people, Gen. McMaster is still in the Oval Office…

  3. Dr. Tar, I completely agree, but also, I think the Congress and the ‘Deep State’ wants the “Administrate State’ to have their law-making power because it’s in the interest of the ‘Corporate State’ which is even larger.

    Trump wanting to ‘drain the Swamp’ threatens all of it.


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