Neil Young Seeks Dual Citizenship So He Can Vote Here Next Year


Neil Young says his marijuana use has cast a cloud over his application to become a dual citizen in the United States.

The legendary singer-songwriter and proud Canadian says in a statement on his website that he recently applied for American citizenship so he could vote in the 2020 presidential election. More

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  1. Another case for not allowing dual citizenship.

    OT: The attorney for the other dual citizen traitor Vindman is saying his client is still in the white house and will not leave until July 2020 and he best not be retaliated against.

    According to what I heard, all of them there from other departments are headed out, so it’s not retaliation, stupid asshole attorney.

  2. That’s the beauty, of a world without borders, eh.

    When your own gibbering geezers (finally!) start dying off, you can ALWAYS find MOAR!

  3. Don’t let the bastard take out US citizenship.

    He doesn’t know what being an American is all about. He can fuck himself with his guitar.

  4. Neil’s been living in America for how many years and NOW wants to become a citizen just to be a nuther Liberal turd in the punchbowl??? Shut up and sing Neil… if that’s whucha call it! Come back in 12 years and smell the coffee. It’ll still be here despite what the Climate goonies say!

  5. Oh lets….

    Let him become a citizen, reinstate the draft, and then raise the draft age to include him..

    Should be fun

  6. Whenever I hear that man sing i open a window and toss a bucket of water out the window hoping to break up a cat fight.

    Hey Neil, I’m not above writing President Trump to urge blockage of your citizenship request. Matter of fact, I think i’ll do that right now. We already have too many anti American Americans. We don’t need to import more.

  7. Legendary? Legendary whiner that is. Old man, look at yourself, you’re a mess!

    Did he sing that song ‘Four Dead In Benghazi’? – I guess not.

  8. Don’t we have enough old cranky liberals without having to give citizenship to an old cranky Canadian liberal?

  9. Let me guess, he would become an American to vote and be one of the multitudes of liberals who always threaten to leave the country if a Republican is elected.
    Still waiting for that bus to leave

  10. “Dual Citizenship” is another oxymoron (blather from an oxygen-deprived moron).
    Like “transgendered” – it means absolutely nothing.

    One thing cannot be both this thing and another.

    One cannot be both dead and alive (Schrodinger’s theoretical cat excepted).
    One cannot be both flowered and deflowered (the same orifice, of course).
    One cannot speak a “more factual” lie.

    We certainly live in interesting times.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Lylelovett666, I can agree with the second part of your statement.

    Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
    America don’t need him around anyhow

  12. @Tim:

    One cannot be both dead and alive (Schrodinger’s theoretical cat excepted).

    Or one could put it this way:
    Schrodinger’s cat is neither dead nor alive,
    but rather is in an indeterminate state.

  13. We won some tickets to a CSNY concert (a billion years ago) and were able to go backstage before the show. Neil Young is an arrogant, rude f*ckstick. He smelled bad too and that was before the show.

  14. I hadn’t thought about NY having dual citizenship.
    In fact, I hadn’t thought about NY at all in a long, long time.

  15. So why didn’t the old hippie bastard not apply for U.S. citizenship during the Obama administration? Those marajuna mandates would have been ignored by Barry.
    Oh, I know – Must prove Trump’s a meanie, Orangeman bad! Need to vote for “Burn it Down” Bernie!
    Well, I’m praying the old hippie bastard never gets U.S. citizenship. He doesn’t deserve the privilege.

  16. If Neil lives in California he will not have any meaningful voice in presidential politics. Let me dopesplain it to you, neil. There is this constitutional provision called the electoral college. It seems that your individual liberal vote amongst millions of other liberal votes is meaningless.

    But I still want your application to be as dead as the dead in oh hi oh. You’re a miserable bastard. Get lost.

  17. The MotherF–ker wants to be an American because the taxes in Canada are way FKN higher and he doesn’t want to freeze his shriveled balls off since he is against fossil fuels. I say kick the piece of shit out of the USA and send him up here to Canada and ban him from using a furnace.

    Ps. he is probably the only man that smells worse than Bernie Sanders.

  18. How can he be naturalized as a dual citizen? Here is the opening of the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America:

    “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen;…”

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