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Net Flicks

People stealing stamps is the least of the modern English problems.

This “crime stopping net” is quaint. If all you ever had to worry about was an apple thief running off with a Granny Smith this is an effective tool. For a homicide bomber? Not so effective.

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  1. That’s how I caught my first wife. Several years later she gnawed her way to freedom.
    Third wife is still chewing.

  2. I’m about to say that the stuff going on in California breaking news is Muslim or illegal immigrants just saying

  3. @uncle al

    You’re onto something. Bag the anarchists and then apply the wood. It’s more environmentally friendly because tasers require electric charge.

  4. That reminds me of the times, when Iwas coaching 4 nad 5 year olds in soccer, that the goalkeeper would get bored and start playing with the net. Inevitably he or she would get thier hands and arms entangled, and it almost always happened when the other team had the ball and was coming on to goal. Some of the best times.

  5. PHenry,
    My first wife died from eating poison mushrooms.
    My second wife died because she wouldn’t eat the poison mushrooms.

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