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Netflix Covering the Most Heinous Bank Robbery Heist Ever

ISIS nods in approval. This is the movie SAW come to life. Netflix is calling the documentary Evil Genius.

In August of 2003 Brian Douglas Wells, a pizza delivery guy for Mama Mia Pizza in Eerie, Pennsylvania, made a delivery to an address that turned out to be a radio tower at the end of a dirt road.

There were robbers there that hatched a plot to rob a bank so that a woman could use the money to pay a hitman to kill her father so she could inherit his millions.

Some say Wells was in on the robbery from the git-go but was double crossed by his accomplices at the last moment.

Wells was to be outfitted with a fake bomb. A metal device that looked like a large steampunk handcuff would be locked around his neck with a bomb dangling from it around chest height.

They gave him a weird looking homemade shotgun shaped like a cane.

The cane and the bomb was supposed to scare the bank teller into giving up the dough. The double cross was that after they locked the fake bomb on him they told him it was real.


There were four keyholes. After Wells robbed the bank of the 250K he had a scavenger hunt list where each secret place had a key hidden. If he got to all 4 places in time he could get unlock the bomb from around his neck.

He never got to the keys. Police stopped him. He quickly told them the story but they were probably a little skeptical and didn’t call the bomb squad. When the device started beeping everyone ran from him. His eyes grew wide, he butt-walked for a few feet and… Mama Mia.

In the aftermath, when the police tried to go to all four places, just to see if he could get the device off of him, there wasn’t enough time. He was doomed. I guess the plot was to find his body in the woods where the thieves could just pick up the money and run.

Gruesome video of explosion.

Story HERE.

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  1. OT, Another school shooting at an evening Graduation Ceremony.Mt Zion High School. I think Georgia. One dead. Probably the guns fault again.

  2. I didn’t know that much of the story but I remember it happening. I guess that will teach you to not lock a bomb around your neck, even if it is supposed to be a fake.

  3. How you stay a pizza delivery driver for 30-years?
    I admire a manโ€™s ability to that kind of a stretch at a single job, but come on!

  4. You don’t stay a pizza delivery driver for thirty years. You take the job to pay the bills while you look for a better one. Very few people make a lifetime career of pizza delivery.


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